What It Takes To Be A Marie Kondo The Marie Kondo Craze Means 2 days ago   07:51

If you’ve watched Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix, you may have caught yourself wishing that Marie herself would come to your house and save you from your mountain of endless clutter.

That’s not going to happen, of course. Ms Kondo is far too busy.

But if you’ve got the cash, you can hire a surrogate.

For around $2,000, Konmari Inc offers certification as a Konmari Consultant. Once you’ve gone through a fancy seminar and completed hours of on-the-job training, you are officially authorized to tell people how to clean up their messy room.

VICE News went through hours of folding lessons, visualization sessions, and origami breaks to find out what it takes to be a professional wannabe Kondo.

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さくらSakura Sea
This guy doesn't know what it's like to not have anything. Expressing gratitude to the things that "served" you should be easy.
Hey It's Mia!
I love how the reporter just begins to casually speak Japanese haha. People I was doing KonMari three years ago before it was viral ;)
Caron Krusewski-Weatherford
Ok so those of you saying that the Kondo method and Marie herself are anything other than an entrepreneur is ridiculous! No different than Molly Maid, Castle Keeper, & small business house cleaning owners are involved in a pyramid scheme. Nationwide companies listed above train the new hires prior to sending them into the field. Small businesses have opportunities each year to go to national conventions for cleaning as well, FYI! ALl of the ignorant, rude, nasty insulting groupings Marie Kondo & her non-selfishness choosing of her sharing method have been is pathetically pure disgust! I truly pray for those negative people. I truly wonder and often think what happened to those that speak in such manner. Where, why and how did they forget one of our first kindergarten lessons/ 5 golden rules—Think before you speak, If you have nothing NICE to say you say nothing at all!?! Along with—
1)Stand in a single file line, 2)Waiting your turn
3)Keep your hands and feet to yourself
4)Learning to share.
I did the konmari in 2013 and knew right away it was legit. America proposes "buying" solutions to your life. This is both opposite in that it's about shedding possessions and mindful. I have been struggling with organizing and this was the end solution! No one can sell me anything to "organize" my life for the next 70 years.
Keshav Ishwar
@vice news Please do a video on Karoshi(Japanese word) or Gwarosa(Korean word); it means to kill oneself due to overwork. This is very common in most east Asian countries and is treated as a norm (which it shouldn't be)
so he can speak japanese but still calls her 'marie' instead of 'mari-e'.. ok.
In Japan, especially crowded cities, real estate is very expensive and the spaces are very tight. Marie went popular in Japan because she showed people ways how they can save as much space as they can in their homes with the right methods. It is normal that the Western world doesn't really understand it and call her a cult leader or a scammer since the cultures are very different. I personally don't live in a big apartment, but I watch her from time to time to learn clothing folding techniques etc. because sometimes I have too much stuff.
Aryagandhi Jennifer
Everything in my closet sparks joy.. lmao.. I'm screwed.. I can't seem to throw shit out.
Aryagandhi Jennifer
Dear God.. I think my ears had an orgasm when Dexter spoke Japanese. Hawttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Beyhive Member
He did a great job, kudos to you. And he speaks Japanese, how awesome is that? Anyone reading this comment, if you speak one language. Learn another language, trust me. It will help you in so many ways.
Shannon T
Operation Teaching-woman-how-to-be-woman
Maria Gabriela Garcia Cheran
*Does an A+ job with his first client*
"I don't think I'm cut out for this."
who else freaked out when our brother in black started speaking japanese
I think what sets people off is that they didn't see the collection plate going around. Don't worry, these people payed to be there. It's not a cult, it's legit.
1:55 you have been doing social work wrong my darling
Sue N
Scott Simmich
The only thing I was scammed into was watching this video
Mulan 121
My nr1 problem with the Komari method (if not the only one): bin liners filled with stuff. Does the stuff get donated? What happens with the plastic bags afterwards? Does most of the decluttered stuff end up in a landfill?
the movement has started..
Praditya Halfelven
I like how she takes hoarding and messy house problem seriously. It really is a problem you have but ignored completely. Those who accuse her of scamming must be because they have this problem and never admit it huh? Its like a wok calling a kettle black
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The Marie Kondo Craze Means What It Takes To Be A Marie Kondo 2 days ago   02:53

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