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Chris Stuckmann
Chris Stuckmann reviews The Lion King (2019), starring Donald Glover, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, JD McCrary, Shahadi Wright Joseph, John Oliver, John Kani, Seth Rogan, Billy Eichner. Directed by Jon Favreau.

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bt f
I wish they could just do the remake shot by shots
Tree Surgeon
Should've had David Lynch do it.
Don't move to Houghton
nope. Disney lost 200 MILLION making this hallow turd.
Robert Page
“This movie is a shot for shot remake of the lion king” well what did you expect? Lol the title says it
CowboyAstronaut AgentTodd
Bla bla shut yah dumbass up!
Joshua Sterling
NO MUSHU for Mulan is potentially a deal breaker. I like martial art films so taking that route is not too bad, but it just feels somewhat wrong not to have a prime character in it.
Critics : " waaaahhhhhh its exactly like the cartoon "

Me: Yeah thats what I wanted.
B Souza
Why make the Lion King AGAIN.. Money 💰 Lots of money 💴......Oh and greed.
Jairo Romani
I like Aladdin, but some sub plots aren’t completed like jasmines need to be a sultan and what happened to her mom, and why the sultan isn’t as lovable as the animation movie lol and Jafar is sooooo blend... also no snake fight wtf!!!!!
Admiral Butter Nugget
As much as I love and adore the OG Lion King, I refused to see this. Because I knew what they were going to do. It looks amazing, but I knew they were going to make it emotionless for the sake of realism, and that's what irritates me. Take out what makes it a classic and affective, for the sake of making it look good? No thanks.
Yusded Leved
I’m not mad they didn’t change anything tbh
Wes Lewis
They should have made it a story adaptation with actual people, human beings in place of the characters we've all come to know and love. That would have been amazing with this star studded cast.
I think Chris must get over the old animation, times have moved on son. I thought we were past this old verses new animation back when Pixar began. I understand that you can’t animate the emotions like from the old cartoons, and you never will as that type of animating has exaggerations of emotions not possible to do well with realistic animation as realistic animations need realistic constraints applied when animating emotions, etc. We are well into a new era.
Killian Miller
We make movies to make money
Jodie Ratcliffe
This Movie was Brilliant!
Summer Mcintyre
May you please review Stuber? I don’t know if I wanna see it or not🤷‍♀️
Why weren't the lions blue? It is 2019 we have to change characters.
Yea, Disney is praised for their respect towards Chinese culture and heritage with their portrayal of mulan. They are celebrated for having an all black cast for the lions in the lion king. But hey... let’s shit on almost 2 century old European folklore by making Ariel black in the little mermaid. Whites are being made fools of and they aren’t even allowed to speak up or stand up for themselves anymore... Tip of the iceberg
Vanessa Arroyo
Atlantis and Treasure Planet. Disney movies that would make great live action remakes.
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THE LION KING "Young Simba The Lion King - Movie Review 2 days ago   03:31

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