This Student in the Amazon is Opening Introducing Google Trips 2 days ago   01:49

A tecnologia transforma escolas de todos os cantos do mundo em ambientes mais interativos e deixa estudantes, como a Rayandra, mais próximos de seus sonhos.

Entre em contato com o Google for Education para começar a transformação na sua escola também:

Rayandra and her classmates are using technology to explore a world of possibilities.

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Arun Benny
Their life is amazing beautiful peaceful !
William Da Silva Lima
I love Amazonia Amei o documentário
Dylan C.
And I thought Google was competing against Amazon!
Jorge Luiz Machado
Muito bacana. Por mais projetos assim aqui no Brasil que é ainda tão falho na educação, principalmente na região norte.
Very cool. For more projects like here in Brazil that is still so flawed in education, especially in the northern region.
Phil Doughty
Beautiful language to listen to
Terry Qu
Tegan Burns
Not one comment on a video with over a million views...
Vinnie Sims
Thanks Google.
Alex Whitton
That's cool
Islamic video
Manar Mno
Google, God bless you❤❤❤❤
Dheeraj Rijhwani
Hameed Basha
Big salute to Google
Fernando Franco Félix
Eu falo portugues pero não posso entender essa menina
This is so amazing how kids grow up differently on other countries so inspiring 😍
Atulya Dhar
Great video!!!Nice initiative!!!
Daniel Yeh
The greatest
Ivan Ivanov
1 million views in 15 minutes. Wow.
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Introducing Google Trips This Student in the Amazon is Opening 2 days ago   01:49

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