US-EU trade dispute heats WTO issues with Airbus & Boeing 2 days ago   02:27

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The United States government has threatened to impose further tariffs of more than 11 billion dollars on products from the European Union in response to subsidies Brussels is paying to Airbus. A list of products subject to possible new tariffs includes Airbus planes and related products in the aviation sector, but also food products ranging from swordfish and salmon to cheese, olive oil and wines. The EU, meanwhile, has sued the US for subsidies paid to Airbus rival Boeing. The World Trade Organization says both parties have broken global trade rules by subsidizing Boeing and Airbus.

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China supports the EU.
Atgeir Nyttingnes
Cant the European just kick out the American from European bases in Europe, US only provoke Russia anyway, and European companies should start buy the Sukhoi Super Jet, MC-21 and the Ilyushin IL-96-400M, they're just as good as the Boeing planes.
Far North
As a Canadian I can tell you first hand, if you are waiting for the US to ever be'll be waiting a long long time. It's time to form trade pacts among all the countries that are continually screwed by the US and freeze out the Americans. The US is the richest country in the world because the rest of the world has allowed them to be, time to ignore them and shop elsewhere.
Jay A M
I think this might be to limit damages to Boeing because of their MAX.
Boeing killed 600 people
Suddenly Airbus is accused by USA of Unfair trade practices
meow meow
America first
William Jones-Halibut
Given Boeing’s disaster with the B737 MAX it’s no surprise the US government is trying to protect Boeing.
Chung Yann
No,the eu will surrender,because eu master is a america,eu just a one america dog only
Daily Data
China eating popcorn.
lai chuon kui
Boeing also heavily subsided by America but yet blame China and others for state subsidy on any products.
Sk salim masoom murgiyon pe reham karo
Boeing should be banned.
Badara Sow
America win with war or sanction not on a level playing ground..
Ignacio Alfaro Allona
Bad excuses. Boeing business has “crashed” after its 737 Max fiasco and papa bear is coming to the rescue.
Fook Oh Wong
Wonder how airlines operating Max
are suffering lost revenue due to grounding ?
Im glad trump is ruling america. He is doing what al qaeda wants to do. Ending america
marty wise
Boeing 727, most reliable plane in the sky,
All you slack jawed commie faggots around here pay attention now,
Europe and the U.S. started bilateral negotiations for the limitation of government subsidies to the LCA sector in the late 1980s. Negotiations were concluded in 1992 with the signing of the EC-US Agreement on Trade in Large Civil Aircraft which imposes disciplines on government support on both sides of the Atlantic which are significantly stricter than the relevant World Trade Organization (WTO) rules: Notably, the Agreement regulates in detail the forms and limits of government support, prescribes transparency obligations and commits the parties to avoiding trade disputes
Frank Lee
Making friends
with USA is fooling yourselves.
hyou zan ren
Stop subsidizing Airbus EU!.... So we can sell Boeing in Europe!
Guillaume Habarugira
I have a theory:
- Airbus/EU was asked to skew the reading of #EthiopianCrash black box towards being favourable to the US/Boeing
- Airbus/EU says no and release actual results to the Ethiopians
- US /Boeing retaliates

Would be interesting to see how the EU reacts.

James K
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WTO issues with Airbus & Boeing US-EU trade dispute heats 2 days ago   03:38

In a long-ranging, multi-continent battle before the World Trade Organization concerning commercial aircraft subsidies, there have been lots of complicated arguments and accusations. When billions of taxpayer dollars are at stake, the finger-pointing perhaps is not so surprising. But what’s really behind the battle and what does it mean for global trade, the aviation industry and taxpayers on both sides of the Atlantic?

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