Just save your money.... AMD Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 Explained 2 days ago   12:23

NVIDIA just launched the GTX 1660.... but should this card even exist?

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Upgrading from a 1060 3GB to a Gtx 1660ti. Not getting RTX
Maxx Koggen
The rock music is very reminiscent of Tech of Tomorrow. Not a big fan
R. B.
Buy 1660ti rather than 1660 oc, simply because 1660ti uses an entirely different memory, it runs at 6001 mhz where 1660's gddr5 runs at 4001mhz, it will give you some benefit later on. Rtx card always not necessary, because ray tracing is optional, but you need faster memory in future. So 1660ti msrp model is the choice if you are a 1080p ultra gamer for AAA games.
how tf did you get 60 (in some titles even far above 60) fps out of the gtx 1060 sc in 1080p and sometimes even in wqhd?
my overclocked GTX 1060 kfa² could barelly handle 60 fps in 1680x1050 on max settings in most of the games which you used for benchmarks o.O does directX 12 give you such an advantage over dx 11?
Agz TfL
They need to focus on fixing GeForce experience 🤦🏾‍♂️
Well i got my 1660 for half off since i gave my 1050 ti to my sister
Shit i just brought a 1060 6g
Guess I'll keep overclocking my poor old 760 for a couple more years..
TheRed Rage
So now i have a 1060 3gb... one of my worst mistake EVER... so I was looking at the gtx 1660 ti but when i saw the Rtx 2060 i think that i'll spend a bit more money and get a 2060 then a 1660 ti.
vs rx 580 ???
Milos Stojanovic
hmm, it is actually stupid and idiotic, 1660ti does not support RTX features , and 2060 does not do well with RTX ON, so both cards if someone have 1060 6gb or 1070 are useless.
Bru's FPS Benchmarks
gtx 1070 ti started the trend of 1/2 steps
Bru's FPS Benchmarks
So the market is becoming so saturated its like shopping for colors for jube jubes at the Kwiki Mart!
Goofball Gaming
In Australia the rx570 is 195$ AU cheaper with about %12 - %15 difference in real world gaming, not in Synthetics!
I'mA Hazard
Nah recently got my Rx570
I wish someone would compare last gen to new gen and new new gen. Says... 980Ti vs 1060/1070/1080/2060 etc...
havent gotone
I said id get a gc for my daughter for her bday. I dont see the point of upgrading from a 1060. So ive sort of boxed myself into a corner.Yes ill wipe the dust off, bung it back in the box and pretend its new. Hey shes only 10.
So its either the cheapest 2060 or 1660ti. Still to decide. To upgrade, I mean her bday present.
I have that gtx but on red, what’s the name of the black one?
Omar Safwat
If I'm buying a new PC which one should I get? Gtx 1060 or 1660 or 1660 ti?
Anthony Davian
And another nvidia card. It’s exhausting just keeping up with all of them. Nvidia should start bidding up crypto to get everyone mining again. Problem solved!
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AMD Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 Explained Just save your money.... 2 days ago   06:45

What are the differences between the different CPU models in AMD's new Ryzen lineup?

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