Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Talks 'Game Trump Awards G7 To His Own Resort | The View 2 days ago   07:55

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These women are so stupid and annoying.
funny that when He pronounces Filippa is does it in danish :D
Steeve Trépanier
Really??? Those "Feminists" on the View are ALL OVER HIM, even knowing he is MARRIED!!!!!!!!! Just pathetic!!!
MaximillianMus’ Servant
Fucking Nazi feminists
The Doc
If the girl in the black outfit were a guy and talked the way she is talking she would be deemed a sexist and objectifying the other gender.
Filippa Russo
Quando dice "Filippa" poco e piangevo!!!
The Ferryman
would this then qualify as sexual harassment...?
I think he's hot too but...Jesus ladies, have some respect for the guy! You sound like low-class catcallers!
Someone slap the woman to his right please
Mina Mouse
He is so hot, I respect him for not trading in his wife for someone younger. I hate when men do that.
If a man did that to a woman on the panel show there would be people getting fired, newspaper articles etc.
If it was a man in his 40’s 50’s he would be called a creep and a pervert.
This is cringe worthy... if roles reverse, they would call him a perv. That odd shaped, comedienne wannabe lady is out of place, Whoopi is an old fart and offensive looking, the other one is a moron.
Kinder Oreo
Cast him as Eobard Thawne for the Flashpoint movie !!
He is attractive, but they act as if they've never seen a man before. My god. Embarrassing!
I like that hes really cool about being flattered so much, pretty sure he knows that flattery is the nectar of fools.
Kristian Møller
Jamie Coster-Lannister
Asonto Paci
shot caller was badass! respect and namaste!
He pretty much just wanted to talk to Whoopyi lol
Cecilia Tuvo
Shame they didn't ask him more interesting questions, the guy has actually something to say!
God this is so uncomfortable, he's an interesting person stop molesting him
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Trump Awards G7 To His Own Resort | The View Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Talks 'Game 2 days ago   03:52

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