Google Photos Tutorial - Backup Photo Organizing - Part 4 Access 9 months ago   10:45

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This video tutorial will show you how to use the backup feature in Google Photos. With Google Photos you can store all of your photos and videos for free. On you mobile device (Android or IOS) download the Google Photos app or use it from your computer’s browser from your Gmail account. For a quick way to backup all of your photos and videos on your computer, download the Google Photos Uploader, connect it to the right account and it will start protecting your valuable memories for you. Once your photos are backed up, you will now longer need them on your device. Simply have Google Photos remove them from your phone but access the at any time from any device through Google Photo’s cloud service.

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Comments 22 Comments

Arne Damgaard Pedersen
Virkelig god og informativ video 👌🤓
Amy Hoeppner
I can see my google photos on my laptop and on my phone, but can't access them on my desktop even after I installed the back up and sync.  What am I doing wrong?
Vicki L. Worthley
Jaime; with all the recent changes to google drive, and google drive file stream for education, is this video still relevant? On my education account, I get that message that Google photos is no longer available in Google Drive and you have to "turn on" photos in Google Drive. Not a lot of direction from Google on the finer points yet...
Angela Melb
Can't thankyou enough. Make it so easy to understand and work through. Happy to subscribe and share. 👍🏼
Gregory Trent
Hi I hope that you can help with this question. I am trying to ONLY upload certain photos. When I go in either on my Apple or Android devices, I cannot determine which photos have uploaded and which have not. Can you help?
I'm very worried problem I had all my settings correct and it didn't do any of the backup for the photos everything was on on my Android phone my photos didn't even upload to Google photos I think I've lost it all any suggestions
Jay 750
very helpful! thank you.
Karina Ruiz
Most of my pictures did download but how do I get the ones that didn't to download. It just says certain photos skipped when I try to upload them directly. I set it up so they automatically back up and I'm afraid to delete all my photos on my computer if all of them are not downloading.
Bear Hawk
I do not have navigation buttons available in my Google Photo. I think that is a must. No information available on the net about the problem. All I can find is Google Photo promotions and tutorials. I must be the first person in the world to have this problem.
any updates
Ahmed Shetawy
this was truely helpfull . you earned a subscriber thx alot
Anthony Lebario
Awesome video. I was always curious what is the limit of resolution before the suppression of pixels. Great to hear that my iPhone will be okay!
Kirk Thornton
Great video! What program are you using to get your computer to show up on the green screen? Thank you!
Snookii Sosa
nice (:
Hafed Marzouk
Amazing videos, easy to understand! Thank you Sir!
Carol Moore
Two questions: I use my phone to take personal photos for home use and have one google account. Sometimes I use my phone to take photos for my school account. How do I get them into the right account? Question two. How do I move school photos from my personal account to my school account?
Xm o
Great video! one question regarding privacy please. How can you be sure that photos wild not end up in Google search one day?
Can my contacts see this my photos? (Google+ or similar)
Michael Daniels
can you set the backup to always download from your computer to the cloud nightly or is this a manual thing you must do every few days? is this like a replacement for picasa? Thanks for the tip
Excellent tuto, thank you very much sir!
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Photo Organizing - Part 4 Access Google Photos Tutorial - Backup 9 months ago   10:15

This is the 4th video in a series about Organizing Photos. In this one, I’ll talk about how I use Google Photos to access my photos anywhere and share them with friends and family.

**** A truncated transcript follows. A full transcript can be found at ****

Hi, everyone! This is Lara Hammock from the Marble Jar Channel and this is the 4th video in a series about the processes and tools I use to organize my photos. In the previous videos, we've covered storing centrally, simple physical organization and using Picasa to manage and group photos. In this video, I'll discuss using Google Photos to access my photos anywhere and share them with friends and family.

Access Anywhere
I realized early on that I wasn't going to be able to store all of my photos on my iPhone. I don't have unlimited storage after all, who does? -- and I don't like having to delete a bunch of photos so that I can make room for more. Having central storage on my PC solved that issue (see Parts 1 & 2 of this video series for more on that). Every time I do my quarterly photo chores, I transfer all of my photos to my PC and clean off my phone so that it is empty. Great! The problem was -- I still wanted to be able to access my photos from anywhere. I do that using Google Photos.

As you might recall from Part 3 of this series, I use Picasa as my photo manager and grouping tool. Within Picasa, I turn on "Sync to Web" for each folder or album that I create. That essentially creates a duplicate copy of my photos in the cloud. Why don't I just send my photos directly to Google Photos rather than using this elaborate conduit? The answer is that Google Photos isn't reliable or robust enough to cover all of my needs just YET. I'm sure the developers at Google are working round the clock, so I'm always open to that possibility down the road. Right now I have issues with duplication of photos, unreliable sync, and lack of features such as sorting, grouping, making collages, and printing.

Google Photos Basics
Google Photos stores all of your photos indiscriminately in a big vat. Then it uses Albums to organize them. It doesn't differentiate between Folders and Albums the way Picasa does. Instead, when syncing your photos from Picasa, folders and Albums all become Albums in Google Photos. So you can look at the big vat containing every picture indiscriminately by clicking on Photos (which also happens to be the default view), or you can view by folders or albums by choosing Album view. Google Photos does not give you any options for sorting. It sorts by date only, most recent on top, and uses the date imbedded in the photo file metadata. Fortunately, you CAN change photo dates within Google Photos, but it's a rather painstaking process. I finally got my Albums to sort in the order I wanted them, but it took some doing. If you go into an individual photo, you can hit the edit button to do some light editing (apply limited filters, crop, basic lighting adjustments and rotation), but this is a limited function. In addition, you can hit the info button to get access to the photo file's metadata. Here you can add a caption (captions carry from Picasa where they are easier add) or change the date on the file. You can also choose the More button to add this individual photo to an album or download it to your device.

Access and Share
What is important about Google Photos is that all my synced photos are in the cloud, so they are available everywhere. Here are some ways I take advantage of that:

• Access individual photos from iOS app - instead of having my photos stored on my phone, I can access all of my photos from Google Photos. I downloaded the iPhone and iPad app and have it right next to the Photos app. I can find photos the old fashioned way, by quarter. For example, if I'm looking for photos of last year's 6th grade celebration for my daughter, I know to look in the 2016 Q2 folder. BUT -- and this is so incredibly cool -- Google Photos now incorporates quite a bit of artificial intelligence object recognition. So, not only can you search by person using facial recognition and location (using the photos geotagging info), but you can also search by object or activity or event. There are preset categories, or you can really try anything that comes to mind. For example, if I search for "dog", here is what I get. How about beach? Or vase? Obviously there are misses and overinclusions, but WOW. This is so helpful in searching for the right photo. I love this feature and it's only getting better. As an aside, I'm obsessed with the confusion AI has in working out some differences. Hats off to @teenybiscuit who shares these on Twitter. Is it a chihuahua or muffin? Puppy or bagel? Or my favorite - goldendoodle or fried chicken?
**** Read a full transcript at ****

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