Harry Potter and the translator's nightmare The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube 5 months ago   05:54

Accio Harry Potter translations!

Translating the Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling, in over 60 languages around the world, was not for the faint of heart or vocabulary. Translators didn't have advanced copies of the books to get a headstart and these books could take months to adapt from English. They also had to be clever in their solutions because the books are filled with wordplays, invented words, puns, British culture references, riddles, and more. The longest book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, at 870 pages was published June 21, 2003. The first translation of it was ready July 21, 2003. Translators had to work day and night to have them ready for eager readers. Even then, fans still banded together to create illegal translations of the series.

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Mori Mori
must have been hard
welp im glad I only read the books and not translate them
In Greek, Tom Riddle is "Anton Morvol Hert"
Mallory woodkid
I've read the german AND the english version, they are quite the same, the translators didn't change much.
But Voldemorts name in the german translation is as follows: Tom Vorlost Riddle. The sentence 'I am lord voldemort' simply became: 'ist lord voldemort ', which stands for 'is lord voldemort'.
Rose YT
I knew you where gonna say Rumpeldunk I'm from Norway and I think It's wierd
Do you actually know that all the translators was gay?
Marco Antonio Lima de Abreu
I missed some commentaries about the Portuguese translation :/
After all, I'm pretty sure Brazil is one of the countries with more hp's fans
Petrus 906
Some stuff in BR Portuguese
-quidditch = Quadribol ("four" balls)
-mourning murtle = Murta que Geme
- the Voldemort thing: Tom "Servoleo" Riddle is anagram to "eis lorde voldemort" (here is lord voldemort).
-muggles = trouxas (a type of drape or rug)
Natalia Ghosh
Sometimes I’m glad to live in the UK. I met this person that was referring to Voldemort but I had no clue what she was trying to say.
ElleJuzou Cheese
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is rubbish. Why change it just so it's for America? Amercians can read English and understand the culteral differences. I think it should've stayed as the Philosophor's Stone.
Muhammed Yaseen
Just learn English lol
Wow they really butchered the Swedish pronunciation
Lara Antunes
the older portuguese (of portugal) editions are full of mistakes which is soooo cringy (once they wrote doddy instead of dobby). it is probabably because most words aren't translated like names
Altitude Skateboarding
Quality swedish there
Мария Северинова
In Russia they translated Severus Snape into Severus Snegg... And there literally is not word, that sounds like “Snegg” other than “sneg”, witch means “snow”....
in german, we just kept the englisch expressions
I read the first three books in Spanish where they didn't translate names, then we moved to France, when I read the fourth book in French I was like "who the f* is Rogue and where did he come from???!"
As soon as I learnt enough English I was happy again. God, those French translations ruined a lot, the Spanish ones were much better. Except Poudlard, but people's names are not ok. Tom Elvis Jedusor might have been clever but 'jeu' (=game) and Elvis just make the character sound funny and he's not meant to be funny at all!
Bronwyn Macmillan
The offence that would be caused if someone from Dundee learnt that Dundee is described to be in the 'north of england' would be overwhelming. Along with someone from Yorkshire hearing that Yourkshire was in the 'south of England' hahaha
Serzhan Urazbayev
idk why but russians translated Harry to :"Гарри" (Gary) even though its considered a different name.
Valentijn Jansen
In dutch hagrid has a very over the top Amsterdam accent
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The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube Harry Potter and the translator's nightmare 5 months ago   16:33

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