Russia planning to disconnect from Working online and traveling the world 1 day ago   01:59

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Russia is planning to disconnect its internet systems from the global network - as a test of its cyber-defences.


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Jos Gandos
Who cares? 😂. Off to gulag now! No more russian trolls
D Irwan Edy
European Union slaves to USA,poor European Union people's.
Boby Berry
Probably not a good idea
Chris Dover
This is why we can’t have nice things. There is always that one person there to mess it all up for everyone else.
Louis chiraq
Soviet union is back comrade
Mr. Jack M
Red Russia 2.0
As the so called "western democracies" are not able to control the data collection practices of Google and Facebook, it is pretty fair and smart step from Russia's point of view to create an own, separate network. Shame on the U.S. and the E.U. that they do not protect their citizens against those tech giants. As always, money talks: profits win over human rights in "western democracies". Everything is for sale!
Holman Garcia
The usa use internet to promote terrorism in IRAN, VENEZUELA, NICARAGUA, CHINA, RUSSIA so they should created or regulate their internet.
Verimond Atellus
I'm with the Russian in this cause the West will do anything to bring Russia to its knees
Alex Ocasio-Gomez
This drunken inbred fem-bot is only telling half of the story! The reason the rooskys are building their own internet is to hack into the American internet and hack our elections!
Edwin Siala
And why not. With the provocatives against Russia, the internet will be next. Russia has become the West's bogeyman and anything is possible.
marcio pettri
This is what comunists do, control the people. The russians should start a coup and overthrow their government.
Clever Nduruza
im number 6
Iron Curtain 2.0
S. A.
Darryl Bavington
ungrim wh
Scott Schnell
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Working online and traveling the world Russia planning to disconnect from 1 day ago   25:56

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