Google Photos: Animals Take This Student in the Amazon is Opening 1 day ago   01:39

Inspired by Disney's Zootopia, we put Google Photos in the hands (and paws) of real animals. The phones might get tossed around, dropped in water, or even stepped on, but the Google Photos auto backup feature ensures all of the photos the animals take will be backed up. See the full album of selfies at

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This Student in the Amazon is Opening Google Photos: Animals Take 1 day ago   01:49

A tecnologia transforma escolas de todos os cantos do mundo em ambientes mais interativos e deixa estudantes, como a Rayandra, mais próximos de seus sonhos.

Entre em contato com o Google for Education para começar a transformação na sua escola também:

Rayandra and her classmates are using technology to explore a world of possibilities.

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