Invasion of the polar bears - BBC News Polar bears descend on Alaskan 1 day ago   02:16

BBC News
A remote Russian region has declared a state of emergency over the appearance of dozens of polar bears in several towns and villages in the Arctic.

Footage from the Novaya Zemlya archipelago shows the animals roaming through building and exploring populated areas.

We ask the experts why this is happening, and find out what can be done to protect humans and bears alike.

Video produced by Alex Dakevych and Emily Wolstencroft

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Kiamichi Ozarks
polar bears are not on the endangered species list, they are actually increasing in number.
Ana Duenas
global warming an climate change is a huge thing, it’s us Humans that are messing up
Chea Penhrith
Invasion to Putin 😆
Rudy Morrison
This is a bullshit video!!! Humans have degraded their natural habitat! Russia especially have rejoiced the melting arctic! This is a direct result of that! If conservation efforts are not made seriously, we may not have polar bears left in the next 20 years!
Coca Cola stop Motion
La invacion de animales en espacios donde los humanos habitan no es mas que una respuesta de los mismo al proceso natural que ha tenido la humanidad de conquistar cada espacio en nuestro planeta, es fácil para estos animales buscar comida en medio de las comunidades humanas ya que los recursos naturales con los que cuentan cada día es menor lo que significa que están luchando por su supervivencia y la de sus crías, es así como se hace necesario para la humanidad preservar los espacios protegidos para estos animales.
Cani Gula
Invasion of humans !
Cheeto Bag
I'm expecting another Emu war, but instead of Emus, we go to war against polar bears.
Iza Wolf
Climate change is natural and so are the bears. Humans are encroaching onto remote areas.
Can't these idiots just move south and give the bears all of this wide open space?
You should be studying or you no get A plus
Mr Trump, soon a Polar bear is going to visit you at the Whitehouse and you’ll be like ‘look its a spy deployed by China’. Then you will shove all those letters asking to rejoin the Paris Agreement into the bin.
Neil Weber
I am the ambassador of polar bears we declare war ahhh
Richard Panini
Bears are just big doggos. Change my mind
Shasa Monaghan
without encouraging larger pray population they will all die or become dangerous
john klingensmith
As much as I love polar bears this video is WWF propaganda
Where are the Unicycles?
sky high
This is so sad watching them searching for food and now shelter.
Climate wars are destroying the environment. (solar geoengineering)
Bris Vegas
Look in the mirror before you blame the bears
RJ Jaco
Blame it on global warming why don't you. I guess every other type of bear going in for an easy meal is doing it because of global warming as well.
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Polar bears descend on Alaskan Invasion of the polar bears - BBC News 1 day ago   10:17

Visitors flock to Kaktovik, Alaska, to see the bears, who are wandering into town because experts say the sea ice they need is disappearing.

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