Eating At The WORST Reviewed Mexican Eating At The BEST Reviewed BBQ Restaurant 1 day ago   13:25

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Eating At The BEST Reviewed Mexican Restaurant In My State:

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Comments 557 Comments

Man my little sister cooks better mexican food than these fools :/
Sad Dad
Yes, I would like to have the Dirty Sanchez with extra cat turds please.


Those are some socialism fajitas.

 Shit, if i got served fajitas like that you best believe Im calling ICE on those MF'ers... and I'm half Mexican!
Nydarious Shade
plaza aztecha near me is fine nothing like this wow
leisure057 blank
In my neck of the woods it would be green chili stuffed with cheese, coated with a floured batter and deep fried and covered with the chili sauce of your choice.
Sketcherzkid 4
Lovin’ these videos mans keep it up!!
You have inspired me to start doing food reviews man!!
Travis Downs
Come out to OKC for largest selection of Tex-Mex restaurants to review. San Marcos, Chelinos and Ted’s Escondido!
Duncan LKW
Man that fajitas looked like some dog pooped on that shit haha
Jinjyo ni Shoubu
If the Chile relleno doesn’t have black marks from the flame grill then it is not a Chile relleno
Izzy G
There is a reason why the one in Manchester closed Daym! Jeez I’m just waiting for the day I run into you.
The food looked aight
The Chicago gamer
I wonder how many of these restaurants are actually just money laundering fronts
Albert Diaz
Cool YouTube channel. Keep em coming Sir.
donnan huggler
So if the glass was clean it got a 4.
tnx good to know
Wopquay 412
The one thing I will say is there was not that much steak Because it’s not meant to be eaten just by itself you mix the chicken and steak onto one tortilla if they wanted just steak order steak fajitas
Tyler Lin
Not familiar with Mexican food but it looks good. Mold on drinking glass looks gross
Dre Day
Great vid! You should do the best and worst halal Restarant or food truck and best and worst kosher food
Mona Mend
You should do a cooking video as well as your beautiful mother would love to see more of you both,I love to laugh and you kept me doing just that as always.!
Megami Dreemur
1:29 is that dog shit on Taco bread? X~X
You should totally do airline food 😂
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Eating At The BEST Reviewed BBQ Restaurant Eating At The WORST Reviewed Mexican 1 day ago   14:40

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