i spectated strucid fortnite players... you need to watch this fortnite 1 day ago   10:41

i spectated strucid fortnite players... (better than fortnite pros)
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Today, i play strucid fortnite and spectate players and was shocked at how good these players were!!! SUBSCRIBE for more Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay, and leave a LIKE for more Fortnite Funny Moments!

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Im Khaotic
Shiv Soni
The game already has a creator code when you buy robuxs maybe you could contact roblox to try and get your own
FaZe Izz
How does symputhi have 101 health e.e
Arkk royale
I have a better kdr than you
pheonix fortnite
Whats the name?
2:00 voice crack thank me later
Fuzzy Guy
Roblox is better than fortnite
Original Jerrick
Lol randumb earn 100K subs he was 1.8 million subs before
In strucid I have over 3k kills
MrPotatoPirate Duck
I subed!!!!
Sub 4 n0 for nO reason
His trash that kid
Trace McCarty
Who else is watching when nicks kIwiZ and all of them are in LG lol
Baited_Eric _
Blue put ur hair blue
You have to make a strucid fortnite montage
zukoloop caldentey
Cuz they probably don’t even have a acc
This is fortnite for people who cant run the actual game on their 3 year old laptop like me lol
BLAZE_ Tatrix
seriously dude i dropped 41 bomb in strucid scrims
Clio Sze
Guys unsub and sub again so he gets 100,000 subs in a day xd
Exotic toast
Be is hakeing how did he hit only headshot
DaGoat MasterMind
Thanks dude for recroding me i just noticed that hit me up on discord if you wanna v1 anytime #CallMeBob. Btw i dont know how i tp into the storm that was weird
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you need to watch this fortnite i spectated strucid fortnite players... 1 day ago   11:42

you need to watch this epic new fortnite battle royale video where i get 1 billion victory royales

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