North Korea's Kim Jong Un makes "나라 해체 위한 대통령?" 2 days ago   02:40

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in Beijing for talks with China's president, Xi Jinping. The visit was announced nearly simultaneously by North Korean and Chinese state media. It's Kim's fourth visit to Beijing in less than a year. There are reports that a second summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump is on the agenda at this meeting.

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yubl yubl
A ballon Kim jong yun
sfh asg
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But these sentences are bad in impression. I didn't write it well. So ifsy yd hit a person without crime proof, yd either having a fault, yd should correct the thing yd did in Shinokuba. And to correct those sentences are the waste of time.These are?wffat I watned to say.
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Dajahia Cunningham
I dont know this just dont sit well with me
dino cali
Go ahead, Russia, China, and Corea!
Markus Duesseldorf
I wonder why Kim's wife always stands a few steps behind him and doesn't shake any hands.
Stuart Ferry
Got his eye's on afp bed quarters.
na na
Hope Korea reunite~ love from China~
Marco Jacinto de Camillis Bueno
When will be next world war? China responds it.
Andy Guo
Andy Guo
Greg Menego
What impeachment?
Dream on man!!
Minkin Ryan
The United States is also talking trade in Beijing
Emperor Caracalla
Let me guess, Xi Jinping is the Don and Kim Jong Un is the underboss.
China should consider to stop forcing reunification with Taiwan! You don't want to force your 70 years old grown up children to move into your house! Instead, you just try to get along with them nice! Why kill the long historical cultural Chinese heritage and asset left and alive through democratic Taiwan since none left in communists' China?! Is China aware of that without Taiwan's being independent, Chinese cultural history is just 70 years old!!? Communism is not even created or evolved in China! That's not Chinese thing! That's a very foreign stuff!! You're keep upholding unpopular and unwanted foreign idealism, communism while you have such excellent variety of idealism from your long history! At least, the creator, Russia even gave up Communism! Is China believing that Chinese long history & culture are not as worthy as Russian's?!!! If not, China should really think about the future with independent Taiwan!!! In the future, you may need the Independent Taiwan's help with its democracy! You Never Know!!
Travis Collins
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Kim The don- un
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"나라 해체 위한 대통령?" North Korea's Kim Jong Un makes 2 days ago   08:23

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