The Lacs - "City Boy’s Nightmare" Brantley Gilbert - Small Town 2 days ago   04:14

The Lacs
Official Music Video by The Lacs performing “City Boy’s Nightmare” (Feat. Nate Kenyon)


Produced by Sonny Bama, Stephen Van Etten & Les Hall
Written by The Lacs & Nate Kenyon
Directed by Crucifix, Hard Target & Breadwin
Mastered by Dave Fore

©2019 Dirt Rock Empire. All Rights Reserved.

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Lorinda Chairez
Damn that Nate is going places I could listen to him all day ❤️
This song and video are epic
Annalee Noel
Brian is my cousin no joke
Brad Morrison
The Lacs are literally nobodies nightmare 😂
his voice is odd.....
Brad King
Love the song and video, you fellers are killing it! Shout out from Ohio! 🍻
Jesus Garza
That Nate Kenyan guy was only country sound to this white trash rap trash song that southerners like for some trash reason
Put it on Spotify bro , it got stuck in my head and I need to blast it in my car
michael buxton
awesome, i'm right up the way in augusta!
Charles Kirkland
Fuck Yea
Cameron Gergits
Bring Willie Nelson for a free detail
Cameron Gergits
We need to smoke when y'all get back to bend clay !
Wow this song sucks. Too much studio editing.
Jamie Shields
Another great hit song fellas, loving vid too.👍
Ted Clayton
Great song, keep it up.
Jacobs Adventures
The doc looks like red beard from rbg
The Lacs do it again with a little help from Nate 🔥🔥🔥
elvisstopper 420
I wish tiller gang would come out with some new shit.
Issac Dao
Wait whos that giy who lost his memory can't find him also great song and vid bring so much memory and Asian Country boy over here
Kim Cox
Love the video.
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Brantley Gilbert - Small Town The Lacs - "City Boy’s Nightmare" 2 days ago   04:23

Small Town Throwdown can be found on Brantley’s latest release JUST AS I AM, click here to purchase on iTunes & Google Play:

Music video by Brantley Gilbert performing Small Town Throwdown. (C) 2014 The Valory Music Co., LLC

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