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Check out the quickest way to transfer all the content on your phone (Android, iPhone, Flip Phone) to a new Samsung Galaxy device. The USB Connector is included in the box with your Galaxy S8/S8+ or Galaxy S7/S7 edge.

Charge up your phone and grab your Micro USB cable and I will help you get your info transferred over in no time.

Lose your USB Connector? Get one here:
USB C to USB (Galaxy S8/S8+):
Micro USB to USB (Galaxy S6 edge, Note 5, S7, S7 edge):

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Tracey T
Thanks so much for the video, however I didn't realize the apps would be back to new, all the info in them gone
what about the sim, do you move the simcard from old phone to new phone when doing smart switch?
Really well done video. Sadly tried Samsung S6 Edge to Samsung Galaxy S9 with smart switch. Said successful but hasn't copied over any 'Samsung Calendar' entries. From the video it looked like most calendar entries might also be missing from Brett's transfer at 9.02, but it might be the screen colour that makes it hard to view. Lots of apps didn't make the cut. Wish there were documentation from Samsung about what definitely is in scope versus what gets left behind with their app.
Thank you for this video Brett. I recently upgraded cellphones from a LG G4 to a Samsung S8, I tried this method and some pictures and video successfully transfered but many did not. I repeated the process 5-6 times but still not all moved over. Any suggestions on how to get them all to move to my new phone? Or is there a manual way to move individual folders? I put in a 256 GB micro SD card into my new phone so there should be more than enough space.
Maddison Uva
Im selling my samsung s7 edge with the usb connector thing... does anyone know if any of my information can be stored on the ubs connector thing ??? Please help :)
Larry Stringfield
Adeel Noor
Thank you soo much.I never knew about it,you saved alot of time xD
Dank Fucc Gaming
does it work with Instagram? and chrome (logged in account & bookmarks) ?
I want to transfer "Memo" app memos to the note 9. How can I do this please ?
useless. I can't do any of this as my old S6 is asking me to reinsert the SIM card which is already on my new phone
It's complete garbage. Tons of stuff like launcher, email accounts, some apps and other things do not get transferred. Have to set up tons of things from scratch.
Sorry i'm new to the I need to put a new sd card in first and transfer my sim card (verizion user) then do the transfer. Galaxy s5 to s8 thanks in advance !!!!
Mark Bagasbas
Hi brett thanks for the vid. Is it possible from my asus fon to note9? Thanks!
Can this transfer Viber images history or delete it and we start from zero?
Nicole Kristen Yardas
What if my old phone has a cracked screen and I can't select file transfer to send my data over?
Curtis Smith
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18 Spizzy
this video was help me
Annette Carkhuff
Does this work for a Galaxy note 9 and Motorola cell from cricket?
Jason Smith
Thanks, good info deed complete Happy new year!
great show HI bret why galaxy 8 loses its music after an update samsun just wont be truthful
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Wireless Smart Switch Transfer Samsung Smart Switch Transfer 7 months ago   11:19

Did you pick up a new Samsung phone and you want to transfer all your information from you old Android phone? This tutorial is made for you! I show all the steps you need to take to complete a Smart Switch transfer from a phone that has Android 4.0 and Mobile AP support.

You can verify your old phone works if you can download Smart Switch from the Google Play Store. This will transfer your data through its own wireless connection.

To see the USB Connector method go here:

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