The Mechanics of Deception (9/11 and The Princess Joe Rogan Experience #665 - Neal 2 days ago   1:37:31

Owen Benjamin
There is a tremendous amount of truth in the film "The Princess Bride." If you understand these patterns it will help you understand the tragedy of 9/11. Let's analyze the mechanics of deception.
If it wasn't for my dad's weiner and my mom's "ok," there would be no Owen Benjamin. Piano brought me to stand up comedy. I've had two Comedy Central specials. I'm tall but suck at basketball, I'm smart but can't spell, I'm nice but kind of a dick.

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Owen Benjamin
rogans up and share. download it and upload it if ya want, spread the info.
never forget, the demon needs your fear and rage. starve them. never forget how to starve a demon.
This is gay.
This is the show punk'd on a Grand scale 🤣 👏 👏 👏 👏
I have Always called it The machinery because it's not Natural
ryan williams
oh sorr y Owen so u do think energy weapons. my bad. you are correct.
This video is awesome! Very eye opening. I love how our faith in God is our immunity to iocain powder, I feel this video has drawn me closer to the Lord. We had a sermon at church yesterday and Pastor said that we must seek the Lord first in everything. He tied it in to how the Jewish people were supposed rebuild the temple but they didn’t they built their own homes and procrastinated on the temple. And the Lord said why is my house in ruins and you all have homes and everything else. And because of that the famine came. And this is the reason that much and things in our lives are not good because we don’t seek the Lord first! Seek the Lord first and you will be immune to iocain powder! Thanks Owen!
Remains me of the fires in California where the houses were destroyed but trees were e not effected. Maybe someone could compare the two situations.
James Peck
Ta-Da !
ryan williams
Simply ask what happined to wtc 6, go from there.
ryan williams
Fresh kills , wow learned something new td, nice. trans mutated steel .
Lynnard Baker
The concept of duality has dawned in my mind from your description. Give up your guns or shoot a cop - not the only options. Shoot a demon by speaking the truth. They DO have to take whatever pill I give them.
how is this not mental illness? seek help
110 floors vaporized, 5 floors...barely scratched at pentagram
ryan williams
1200 people jumped from the Molecular Dissociation occuring to their bodies.
Firstname Lastname
49:20 that's where all this Osama BS started. |srahelli government was feeding it's talking points to these tools. Never seen this vid and I've seen probably most of them! There's the source of this deception right there.
Douglas Schroeder
80 plus cameras with 30 frames per second, all that is recorded is 3 frames of supposed plane. Where are the burn marks, along with the impact marks of a plane with a wing span of 130 plus feet? Are we really supposed to believe the plane folded into a 20 foot hole? This was so sloppy it made the Kennedy hit look good.
Mary Anne Dagli
Gosh= I loved your gifted instructions, but just wondering how a caterpillar got on your right shoulder- he was also fascinating to watch.
caterpillar up right sleeve @ 31:44 lol
todd astle
Nano thermite and direct energy together did this . my guess
This guy is a snake... telling you 90% truth mixed with propaganda. Changing position in accordance with who he's talking to and the bear stuff is just wierd
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Joe Rogan Experience #665 - Neal The Mechanics of Deception (9/11 and The Princess 2 days ago   2:33:12

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