Ukrainian regime should frighten George Galloway and Steve Malzberg 1 day ago   04:54

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Ukraine asked dozens of Western foreign ministers on Friday at a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to ramp up sanctions against Russia. Meanwhile, the US is preparing to send a warship into the Black Sea. Professor of human rights Dan Kovalik joins News.Views.Hughes to weigh in.

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Ipso Facto
No one should fear terrorists. What they should fear is not holding terrorists accountable for their actions. That's why it's so Important to hold the US and Israel responsible for what they did on 9/11. The future of America and the world depend on it.
Mr.Apriza Yutama
Ukraine is like middle east of white people.
Dadson worldwide
I am scared Ukraine wont be able to continue to occupy Russia and allow Putin to move elsewhere with his expansion or annexation of other countrys .
Ari Bargolani
Russian channel blasts propaganda against Ukraine...
If no war, how r they sell weapons..
American is in deep deep debts.
American forgotten now a days, just a bottom, bomb can fly from country to country.. What made u think it will not reached u.
American will not b beautiful any more, if it happens....
John Messick
NWO running the US and Europe.
Mal Mort
I support Russia.
Joe Blogs
Let’s have a war to make money! Ok so if Russia or America launch nukes know one will make any money because the world will be destroyed 🤔
Ночной Позор
I do not like that conspiration theory books, however I think the Ukranian regime is quite scary. All those paramilitary things and the far right going wild. I do not like Putin a lot, but at least he has improved the country. I like Russia though, a lot. I already speak Russian and I want to learn Ukrainian.
Nazis fled Germany and theyve been inbeded in Murica for decades.. here comes ww3
Ukrainian neo-fascists fighting far-right Russian ultra-authoritarians while also training and being supported by other reactionaries? Jesus Christ what a mess the nations of the world have become.
Diep Le
Nato’s vessels if rallied as requested by the Ukrainian President Poroshenko at the Kerch Strait Sea would be considered by
world-wide opinion and my personal assessment, an act of war and a suicidal act. Nato and the US cannot win this prospective Ukrainian War. Nato and the US has underestimated the military powers of Russia and its allies, particularly China. This Ukrainian war would involve China because of Nato and the US involvement. My personal conclusive assessment is that the whole world would not be able to defeat a combined force of Russia and China as the ally. I thus urge the US and Nato to think not just tice but four times before engaging in this proposed Ukrainian War. You have militarily encircled Russia enough and this current act would not make any difference in strengthening your ongoing military objectives.
jessie odom
Russia has a history of bullying neighbours since when 700bc? isn't that when Russia came to be? so yes to keep Russia out of the EU territories yes they need American military might if Russian people were civilized but as these people have shown in these vids that the Russian people have a very unhealthy relationship with an ex KGB tyrant and actually idolize him! their judgement is very suspect
V Philip
Russia will over run ukraine. Any americans in the way will be dead meat. Prepare for Tzar Bomba in yellowstone. US has become a pariah state.
Michael Whitcher
Enjoy your liberal left brain washing. Watch some more TV and trust what everyone around you says, without researching it yourself.
Michael Whitcher
Nazis in Ukraine my ass. Ukraine is where Jews killed 10 million white Christians. Holodomor. Look it up. Ask yourself why this and many other things they did in history is hidden from you. Who controlled the USSR and who controls USA now.
John Pembroke
why cant russia just take shit
Levon Guyumjian
Now here we go US cannot fight Taliban fighters now US want to mass nuclear power the one has as much as nuclear weapons as much they do. Well get ready people the end is near, and I hope Russia never back down show US what they are made of.
David Reynoso
Why. is Russia in Ukraine? Control Greed and Arrogance...
David Reynoso
Go Ukraine. Russia get out of Ukraine. .. NATO help Ukraine.
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George Galloway and Steve Malzberg Ukrainian regime should frighten 1 day ago   06:25

"I have never seen anything like this, this Parliament behind me is in a state of absolute chaos" says George Galloway who debates Steve Malzberg over Theresa May's future on In Question.

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