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Flossy Carter
Samsung Galaxy S10 - Unboxing And First Impressions
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Flossy Carter
#Squad Roll Call
wallpaper name ?
michael cordell
No upgrade from note 9 thanks these new phones get tempted to buy.
"That's gonna make it look like a peasant phone"
Lmao this is like the second video I saw on this channel but hell yes I'm subscribing this look hella good man
tay bar
I'm getting one of these phones soon but I just watched your cases review, so would it be extreamly safe if I installed the dome glass, and also use the supercase unicorn beetle pro so if it falls I won't have to worry ?
HARTT-Health,Art, Travel &Tech
jack reach
Nice job!
Alright so I actually forgot how to put this on but I found the Dope instruction video on YouTube from this badass dude name Flossy Carter,lmaooo
Shout out to Mr shoes!

Edit: shout out to all the Dipshits!
Love this guy😂 dude don't give af 💀unboxes the phone tells us his opinion along with his cat and ends the video 😂
Faizur rehman
I hardly comment on YouTube videos but maaaan your video couldn't prevent me from commenting... I heard your channel's name a lot but never bothered to watch your videos... But today I just tried to see your video on Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite... That made me your fan😁...
Then saw this video:
"Prism not PRISON"
"What does that mean...Top of the food chain"
"I need that for my trolling activities"
"Usual books of shit"
"You have already seen them 1001 times"
"I love my white shoes..... Calm down"
"Let me do a smell test"
.etc etc
Your sense of humor is killer😂😂😂😂😂😂

I don't think I laughed that long while watching a tech video ever.

1. Killer sense of humor
2. Straight to the point talk
3. No funky video graphics ... keeping things plain&simple
4. Reads all comments on your videos which not a lot of YouTubers do...!

Instantly subscribing & pressing the bell icon... 😁😁
Prothom Alo
very nice cate
Harlequin Dove
hey Floss.... I'm going to be getting the s10 as my next. but I am trying to decide between black and Flamingo. if I get the Flamingo and a black case for it. will the edges still be visible for a pink and black contrast? or should I just go with black because the case would cover all the pink anyway?
Aryan Tyagi
scoot scoot, im making a presentation AHAHA
i just got my s10 and it came with black charing cable/cube and headphones
Wolf The Spark
Dont we need the galaxy X and fold note before we use it?
Chelsea Gibson
The only review I've watched that gets to the point. Thank you. I am buying the s10 Friday, upgrading from the s9.
Grand Admiral Thrawn
S10 is a great phone, but still not the one I'm looking for. Can't wait to get the Note10
Also Floss, would you choose white or black? I've been using only black phones for past 4 years (S6, S7e, now Wesley Snipes Note8 and S9), so black would be good to continue the collection, but for me it's time for a change. I didn't like white S6 at all, but now S10 is first phone I'd go with white over black
Ronny Froon
Is the first viddy that im seeing from you. and dude, im comming back for more dope viddys. You got yourself a subscriber more.
zain uddin
Better than + 😂
wrya shewa
S10 is best
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