Samsung Galaxy S10 - Unboxing And First Samsung Galaxy Buds "Real 2 days ago   25:36

Flossy Carter
Samsung Galaxy S10 - Unboxing And First Impressions
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Flossy Carter
#Squad Roll Call
Chill men😂
Dhaya Mia
i don't know why am i crying after seeing your cat, may be missing my cat or something universe is telling me your favorites are on your way....
Filip Ladan
Bruh slowdown xD, u literally dropped your phone at the beginning of unboxing xD.
Yo what live wallpaper is that on the lock screen???
i have allways got + model this is first normals S series samsung and i love it
senthil visagan
Flossy Carter, earbud giveaway over? Can I have one ? :-)
Ethan Le
P.S: The actual unboxing starts at 3:15
I'm also make a video about S10 plus unboxing.....
Floss, you're not very professional and also not very refined like the other tech YouTubers...and that's why I watch you! You crack me up and you tell it like it Keep up the cool reviews man
I took off the screen protector it came with the first time because the camera hole was not lined up
You on a whole other level Bruh. Show them how it's done.
Asif Nahyan Kabir
Yo go easy on your new phone. Your hands are pretty rough.
Nizar Ahmed
Floss bro please do the unboxing a asus rog phone it is a gameing phone
Chronic Sheefo
Yo like that fast accent👍
Spooky Things
Can't use custom fonts on the S10
Charles Rivers
Shield protectors are pretty good for covers , that's what I got n unicorn beetle cover best in business
Charles Rivers
I love my white shoes lol
Now I wait for your videos on the ZeroLemon cases for the S10 series.
A.K.B MrImmune
My s10 came with a black plug, cable, headphones and the little adapter but I went with prism black all other colours come with white accessories
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Samsung Galaxy Buds "Real Samsung Galaxy S10 - Unboxing And First 2 days ago   20:17

Samsung Galaxy Buds "Real Review"
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