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Train Cartoon for Kids - Trains for children - Choo Choo Train - Toy Factory

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This cartoon Train makes me happy. Very nice video😘😘
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Vocês também tem que feser metro
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Thanks so
Fun Cars and Trucks Videos for Kids
Cool Train Cartoon Video for Kids
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[Made in Korea TV] Zodiak Rights Train Cartoon for Kids - Trains 1 day ago   02:48

Zodiak Rights, the former rights divisions of RDF Media Group and Zodiak Entertainment, have inked their first enhanced acquisition deal with Nickelodeon for a new preschool animated property Tic Toc House to air on Nickelodeon channels around the world including Nick Jr in the US and UK. As part of this pre-sale acquisition, Nickelodeon will have creative input into the series.
Tic Toc House is a unique mix of slapstick-driven entertainment and light touch education which enables kids to laugh as they learn. Produced by The Foundation, part of Zodiak Media Group, and FunnyFlux Entertainment, this new preschool 52x11' animated series is based on an ensemble of cartoon characters that live on the other side of the Tic Toc Clock. Each episode focuses on the familiar patterns of everyday life, allowing children to explore the concept of time in a fun and engaging way.
The series, which is currently in production, will air globally on Nickelodeon from 2012.
Nigel Pickard, Group Director Kids and Family Entertainment, Zodiak UK comments: "Tic Toc House is a new and unique series which takes TV animation for pre schoolers to a new level. The look, feel and content of the show will be simultaneously traditional and contemporary, which will have broad appeal. We are excited to be diversifying our portfolio and producing our first fully animated series in partnership with FunnyFlux Entertainment. With Nickelodeon's creative input and as our global broadcast partner, I am sure the series will be success."
Karen Vermeulen, SVP Global Sales and Coproduction, Kids and Family Division, Zodiak Rights brokered the deal which is Nick Jr.'s first global pre-sale deal with a UK production company.
"Tic Toc House is a perfect fit for our global Nickelodeon portfolio," said Jules Borkent, Senior Vice President Global Acquisitions & International Programming, Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids & Family Group. "Its humour and educational elements align with our Nickelodeon brand attributes and will connect widely with our viewers."
Tic Toc House is created and directed by FunnyFlux Entertainment founder and president, Gil Hoon Jung. Executive producers are Nigel Pickard and Vanessa Hill for The Foundation and Debbie MacDonald for Nickelodeon UK.
Zodiak Rights, part of Zodiak Media Group, control all worldwide rights for Tic Toc House except in Korea and Japan.

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