Lecture - 6 Renewable Energy (Contd.) solar cell GATE Lecture 10 months ago   51:08

Lecture Series on Power System Generation, Transmission and Distribution by Prof.D.P.Kothari,
Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi
For more details visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

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Guilherme Souza
*[Awesome Plan Here >>>**t.co/GZZQtYlF9B** ] Using this plan you can build any type of wind generator you want And the plan as so easy to follow that even a kind could do it.*
Vasudev Sharma
at present solar > wind in India....I wish you are still alive.
Usman Afridi
Oh professor, just by seeing you in these video lectures fills my heart with joy. So many life lessons learnt during these 50 mins. I dont know how to show my immense love, respect and gratitude towards you. And may you live long enough so you can enlighten the young eager minds all over the world. And may you live a fulfilled live, stay like this forever Prof. DP Kothari
Diler Zangana
A God made of cow dung , you worship it????...hahahahaha ... at 42:20
Vikas B A
Fantastic lecture. Superb.
Aishik Gupta
Prof kothari is fat and cute ...
Rashi Johnson-Edmond
IMO the filling material is what keeps these lectures engaging. Good work Prof. K
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solar cell GATE Lecture Lecture - 6 Renewable Energy (Contd.) 10 months ago   10:26

hello everyone this is an animated lecture on solar cell
created for the educational purpose mostly focused for the GATE exam pupose . I have tried to cover almost all possible topics that can be asked in the exam
so All the best and good luck

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