Pissy, my “COBRA” got ANGRY when WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1) 1 day ago   07:34

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I’m sure most of you love Pissy, my Western Hognose Snake.
Well, unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the same way towards anyone else.

In today’s video, Pissy gets to know that we’ve hit 1 million subscribers! You’d think he’d be happy to hear the news.. but nah, he was angrier than ever! Welp, guess that’s why we call him Pissy :D

Anyway! I’d like to thank ALL OF YOU for the continuous support you’ve been giving me. 1 million subscribers.. it’s totally insane. Something I never thought would happen, EVER.. but in the end, you guys made the dream come true. So, THANKS :)

Tarantula footage:
Monocentropus balfouri (Socotra Island Blue Baboon)

** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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Exotics Lair
Thanks EVERYONE for the congrats ^^
.. and it looks like "Beyond the Lair" passed 300 already, lolz
Link to it is the first thing in the description xD
Djolian Legaspi
Make Pissy a YouTube channel please. ........
Chris Rathmanner
I love pissy
Marks Reef
Pissy is awesome!!!
Night cloud . Exe
Honestly Pissy should have his own channel 💀
Best snakes comments ever. I just love your channel.
Timothy Ramirez
I love Pissy
Enderslayer906 Coates
Pissy is funny
Juancarlos Fernandez
Have you ever been bitten by any snake
Animal Girl Bff
I helped you with this! Also tell p
Chloe :p
Pissy loves us! At 4:22 she's in a shape of a heart ♥️
The Shinning Eevee
Who dares not like the adorable cobra, and before anyone says something I know he is not a cobra ,let a snake dream!
Golden Jam
Congrats on the 1 million subs! I got a song for pissy lol. Hiss or pissed? I guess your always both huh? You got owner and he is always trying to be nice to ya! “Hiss”. He gonna find another snake and he won’t miss ya! He gonna skrt and hit the dab wiz his tarantulas! Lol

I was joking on the “He gonna find another snake and he won’t miss ya!” Part.
ThatGuy Mark
I like how this guy is having a full-on argument with his snake.
April Pendley
This is me and my snakes. Mine are lil cuddlers though. Love you Pissy!
Alan Wostak
No it's 4:23
Alan Wostak
5:23 HEART
Pissy 24/7

Pissy: 🖕
Jack Walkom
Maybe he’s just got allergies
_Spvder Bvte_
You should’ve named him karkat-
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WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1) Pissy, my “COBRA” got ANGRY when 1 day ago   13:46

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