I bought a 30yr old ITALIAN YACHT 영상짤 시리즈2019 #4 신기한 영상 2 days ago   29:37

B is for Build
In today's episode we bought a Riva Tropicana, a 44 foot 30 year old Italian Yacht, and were going to fix it up, repair it, restore it, and upgrade it! Enjoy!

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dude ..thaT LOOKS TERRIBLE. GET SOME REAL WOOD NOT CHEAP PLYWOOD.. ur killin me with the tackiness of it..its a yacht..not a dinghy..lol get some teak on it
David Depish
JPLX Labelle
Lol you have an app thats "essentially" a radar?

No. You don't. Like, at all.
Pam T
AWESOME.. With the dollar tree bag
kevin key
that's a nice boat but not a yacht B.O.A.T Break Out Another Thousand
Poppy S
Radar stations??
Ashley Haller
He should have named the boat s is for sinking because without the essentials that’s what his boat is gonna be doing very shortly. He needs to get a GPS and he should have kept the Furuno radar because one that’s a good company and two I know it’s old but it’s something until he can get a updated one. Ur phone is not good enough to use as a chart and for checking the winds and position. The auto pilot is also good to help stay on course.
Garret Burleson
I am seeing lots of criticism here. I am a USCG Licensed Master Captain and I think that you are going to have lots of fun. You will learn as you go! The fact that you took a boating class before you bought the boat shows that you have more smarts than the majority of boaters on the water (some possibly on this forum). As someone that spends lots of time on the water you will learn what works for your situation and what doesn't. Safety is always first. Make sure you become familiar with the navigational equipment (regardless of how old it is), if it still works. Good job on making sure that the VHF radio works. Learn how to use it properly and make sure it is a DSC equipped radio. If not, got get one that is! This will be your biggest source of protection on the waters with the USCG Rescue 21 system in place. Get yourself a TowBoat US Membership $150/year Gold Card and you will always have something to fall back on if you get into any trouble with; out of fuel, soft ungroundings, towing, jump start, etc. Have a great time and enjoy! There is nothing like being on the water and having the freedom to chart new paths and explore the water ways of the United States and beyond. Congrats!!! Also make sure that you have a good insurance carrier like Geico, Progressive or Chubb. These are the premium ones when it comes to marine insurance for recreational vessels.
Talon Taylor
Yoooo it’s prolly bad rings it’s a Cummins hahah that thing is born to smoke
Coors light taste like shit . Modelo all the way 🙏👍👍
Tom Mendenhall
Should be named B is for broke. A boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into. A smartphone GPS does not replace a radar. Furuno and Raytheon both make great radars. The device you were pointing at on the console was not the radar display, maybe GPS or depth finder. I don't know the marina's policy on liveaboard boats, but a houseboat on pontoons would be more practical.
therealegtc something
The smoke is most likely the engine burning off oil, it happens with high horse power engines
So you are like a idiot whit money just buy shit Becouse
Alastair Drong
rando click on this vid.
I could totally egg your boat if I got board.
or leave you beer.
probably eggs.
Ray Friedman
About to add new meaning to the term UNDER WATER.
Reaper Havoc
It smokes cause it’s a Diesel engine you dumbass, god you are a retard
Cliff Meadows
Nice boat but that is the ugliest table top I've ever seen...........and it's plywood......... I'm afraid all of your taste is in your mouth!
Gianni Telesca
utterly Useless
Jason Huckleberry
903 Cummins VTM is what we had in our 43’ UTB in the coast guard
Nothing beautiful about portland
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영상짤 시리즈2019 #4 신기한 영상 I bought a 30yr old ITALIAN YACHT 2 days ago   10:25

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