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AnimaCars is an action/adventure serie that focuses on Jonny Toolbox, a 6 years old adventurer who lives on an Island populated by fantastical creatures: The AnimaCars. These creatures are half-vehicle, half-animal hybrids.

Join Jonny Toolbox and his best friend Torch on their rescue missions around the AnimaLand! Populated by various, extraordinary half-vehicle, half-animal hybrids called AnimaCars, this mysterious bioreserve must be protected! After all, it is a paradise for fun-packed and gadget-filled adventures!

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Trackodile tried to eat a piece of rock from a stack of rock. The stack fell on him. So now he has a broken tooth and he is stuck under rocks in the desert. Must be strong to get him out of it !

Welcome to Animaland, an Island populated by amazing creatures that are half animals, half vehicles: the Animacars. Despite the fact that they move like motor engines, make no mistakes, these guys are a wild bunch!
The only human around, the ingenious Jonny Toolbox, is a young engineer who can fix anything.
Whether he’s taking a Safari with his multi-function car or working in his secret workshop, he watches over the Island’s various habitats, ready to rescue any Animacar in need!

Discover Jonny and his amazing adventures with all the Animacars :
🐶 Torch : The dog and Johnny's best friend
🐗 Billdozer : Half Bull Half Bulldozer
✈️ Meagle : Half Eagle Half Plane
🐢 Trucktle : Half Turtle Half Firetruck
🦒 G-Crane : Half Giraffe, Half Krane
🐊 Trackodile : Half Crocodile, Half Conveyor Belt
🐘 Wheelephant : Half Elephant, Half Excavator

Which one will be your favourite?

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