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Tic Tac Toy
This video is sponsored by Moose. Miss Lucy is giving a lesson today on the new Shopkins™ Family Season 11 Mini Packs and the silly kids couldn't be more excited for these toys! Addy and Maya really know their different Shopkins families as they answer all of the silly teacher's questions correctly. Special appearances include: Chef Pierre and Housekeeper Natalie from Toy Hotel and pretend doctor Lucy from Toy Doctor.

Introducing the Family Mart from Shopkins Mini Packs! It's time to have some family fun with all NEW Shopkins! Search the shelves to collect a whole family of Shopkins! There's more than 30 families to collect! Inside every cute Mini Pack is a matching family member to find...will you find a bonus Babykin?

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Welcome to the Toy Scientist Lab Surprise Visitors Bring Shopkins™ 1 day ago   15:34

#ad  This video is sponsored by Mattel who helped us create it.

Welcome to Toy Scientist Lucy's lab! Addy and Maya are back with Miss Lucy in her new Toy Science laboratory! Their first creation is bringing back the super popular Polly Pocket toys! But they have to be careful because Mad Scientist Jason has created a magical potion to take credit for Lucy's creation. Will the silly kids be able to save their new toys? You'll have to watch to find out!

There’s no dream too big, no adventure too small for Polly Pocket! Discover the adventures of Polly Pocket and her friends on YouTube. Polly Pocket is often told she is “too little” to do the things she wants to do. But Polly proves what every kid already knows...that being little isn’t a limitation, it’s her greatest strength! When Polly Pocket inherits a magic heirloom locket that allows her to shrink to pocket-sized, she embraces her new powers and finds the upside of shrinking is big fun for her and her best friends. So grab your BFFs and get ready to see how powerful being pocket-sized can be. Tiny Power!

Discover all of the hidden surprises in the Polly Pocket compacts! You can collect all your Polly Pocket compacts now in stores or online.

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Watch Polly Pocket’s Adventures:
Parents, you can find Polly Pocket at Walmart, Target, and Amazon:


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