I went to prison for STEPHEN CURRY! I'M IN THE GAME! NBA 2K19 MYTEAM DEBUT! 2 days ago   28:42

Troydan turns into a prisoner to try and pull Steph Curry on NBA 2K19 #NBA2K19 #NBA

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Nathan Coker
7:13 he was scarily into it
Tiesiog Emilis
Tf with that voice
It takes 9 mins to actually get to the video for the packs. Smh
Felix Rodriguez
Wonder how his wife feels with troydan screaming donkey kong country at the top of his lungs
Brandan Kalaj
Like this to defend yourself from troydans swear
Deaflut boyand 2k boi Johnson
Stof curry
Jeannette Villanueva
I pulled him
You literally is the most cringiest dude to play 2k19
Fletcher Corey
I’m not joke Rakim
In irl I have a F——————————— in 3 but in mid range and the rest of offense I have A++++++++++++++++++++++++++ except free throws to but in defense I have A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ , I know I’m trash at free throws and 3 pointers I just hate shooting threes and if I’m open it’s a air ball or it bounces off the rim
Josh Kraich
im russian bro lemme translate
Andrei23112 Bermudez
Giomar Objio
A locker code a day keeps moms credit card away
daryl antoniuk
Your weird 🙃
Kermit The juicy
Ur so annoying
Brayan Alvarez
W W W W W W W W W W W W W if you have curry you never take a L
17:35 what song?
jackson pilarski
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I'M IN THE GAME! NBA 2K19 MYTEAM DEBUT! I went to prison for STEPHEN CURRY! 2 days ago   13:24

Troydan debuts in NBA 2K19 myteam

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