Why video games are made of tiny Catalonia’s independence movement, explained 1 day ago   05:09

Inside your favorite games — Red Dead Redemption 2, Fortnite, PUBG, Rocket League — you’ll find millions of tiny triangles.
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Games today are meticulously detailed. They’re mysterious and heartwarming, and colorful and stylized. And that makes them a technical challenge. Though computing power has skyrocketed, gamemakers keep competing to add more detail to their games, pushing the limits of what even the newest technology can compute. Game technology needs to constantly keep up with gamemakers’ creative ambitions.

Triangles are a key part of how these gorgeous, detailed games appear on your screen — the hidden heroes we should all thank as we play. This simple shape helps keep the number of computations needed for each detail as low as possible, allowing the player's computer to process these elaborate games.

Watch the video above to find out how triangles make room for creators to build the beautiful games that exist today.

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Son Le
the presenter looks like Keira Knightley lol
Osoro Moenga
And like every other Vox explained, I have come out of it understanding very little
Lakshay Kochhar
This video adds another layer symbolism in Legend of zelda - ocarina of time:)
the reason is very simple: if you move any point of a triangle in any xyz direction the triangle keeps flat, if you do this with square or other, the polygon is deformed causing errors that will be displayed on the screen... just that
okboi117 mmm
The almighty Doritos
okboi117 mmm
Would be cool if you made a video about VFX
YouinErol 07
Hi what program was that you were using to in parts of the video
Jansher Aquib
They are called Graphics Primitives which are the points, lines and triangles and every other shapes and sizes are derived using these and various lighting models for depth. Cost of Rasterizing these Graphics primitives (or rendering them on the visual canvas in simpler terms) is very very low. The hardware vendors and the low level graphics libraries all support these natively.
Raka Kerta
Monark Roy
Mainly just came to get an answer as to why they used triangular polygons instead of square polygons....wasn't disappointed. Take my like
Willyosk 777
Finite elements method
Hugo R.R.
I'm in love with her, she's gorgeous. Great info as well.
Thanks for this vid! Always wondered why 3 pts rather than 4 pts
john doe
Wait teraflops? Wait concurrent mathematical operations? What's a byte? What's a game? What's a computer? Are you a robot? Or are you a wahmen? What's a dot? You keep taking about these complex wahmen dots with three points, what are these dots?
My boy. Look how thay massacred my boy
O.R Stockholm
Sam Thompson
What an astonishing waste of time and effort. It's only a bit of glorified office equipment. Can't children just play outside or go for a walk?
Mounir Deng
I never model with triangles. Bad habit for some things
sexy korean girl
so u dont need triangles in vr?
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Catalonia’s independence movement, explained Why video games are made of tiny 1 day ago   05:44

This referendum was not the region's first.

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On October 1st Catalonia held a controversial referendum on independence. Before the vote took place, the Spanish Constitutional Courts ruled the vote illegal and sent the national guard to stop it from happening. Despite government opposition, the vote was held and clashes between voters and police ensued.

Ninety percent of the participants voted in favor of independence, but public surveys say that current support for independence in Catalonia is only 41 percent.

Despite the contested referendum results, Catalonia has declared independence unilaterally. In response, Spain is moving to dissolve the Catalan regional government, remove its leaders from office and hold regional elections.

You can read a full explainer on the situation via Sarah Wildman at our website: https://www.vox.com/world/2017/10/2/16393956/catalonia-catalan-independence-crackdown-vote-referendum

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