12 Catalan politicians go on trial in Spain's Catalan separatists on trial: Can the decision 1 day ago   02:57

euronews (in English)
12 Catalan politicians are due to go on trial this morning for their involvement in an independence bid 16 months ago.
Why are these 12 Catalan politicians only ending up in court now?

to give us some more detail on this we're joined by journalist, James Badcock who's in Madrid.

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Jordi lopez
catalonia free
David Losada Soler
Just hoping they are convicted. They tried a coup against all Spaniards and against democracy and the law. Fortunately it didn't succeed. But beware of these supremacists obsessed with DNA and folklore.
Arasgood Gin
Mariano Rajoy, giving evidence?? must be a joke, the corrupted former President of Spain who was part of the right wing political party PP. This trial is a fake. Freedom por political prisoners, Freedom and political solutions not judicial solutions please!
Yes the EUSSR..
GoW barcelona
Freedom 4 Catalonia!!!!
Edward Vaughn
Traitors!! Spain is one nation. Speaking a dialect of Spanish is no reason to destroy a country. These guys are delusional.
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Catalan separatists on trial: Can the decision 12 Catalan politicians go on trial in Spain's 1 day ago   07:31

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