AMD RX 5700 XT & RX 5700 Review - Benchmarks 锐龙飞升!Ryzen二代首发评测【Ryzen's evolution! R7 2700X & R5 2600X 2 days ago   09:40

Our Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 review with gaming performance and benchmarks is finally here! There's a lot to tackle with final pricing, power consumption and specs along with how well it does in gaming, value and how Navi performance compares with the RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2060 Super.

0:00 - All that teasing, now this.
1:40 - Specs overview
2:23 - About that price cut....
3:11 - A closer look at the cards!
4:52 - Acoustics
5:53 - Power consumption
6:22 - Overall perf & perf/$
8:00 - Individual game benchmarks
8:28 - Wrapping things up

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ASRock Z390 Taichi:
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AMD RX 5700:
RTX 2070 Super: Coming soon
RTX 2060 Super: Coming soon

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EVGA RTX 2060:
Zotac RTX 2060:
MSI RTX 2060:
Gigabyte RTX 2060:

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FIRST! Timestamps below! If you all have questions, we'll do our best to answer them. :)

0:00 - All that teasing
1:40 - Specs overview
2:23 - About that price cut....
3:11 - A closer look at the cards!
4:52 - Acoustics
5:53 - Power consumption
6:22 - Overall perf & perf/$
8:00 - Individual game benchmarks
8:28 - Wrapping things up
Yeah you can't just ingore what Ngreedia has to offer, like the BF5 chart made by you shows, their card is $300 more expensive (75% more) and provides only several % improvement... Yeah, that offer just can't be ignored, everyone should be grabbing pitchforks, not their wallets...
The Man
I smell seafood
in some games go FASTER than 2080 -_-'
Lord Voldemort
Hey Ibra, what does Jensen's cum taste like and is it green? Fucking Nvidia Shill.
Jonathan Manieri
5700xt is the card to get, at 400 it is too good of a deal
William Moreno
Well, I think I do not have any other choices apart from unsub.
To be honest I never saw a biased review such as this one in my entire life.
Hopefully, NVIDIA will cover the cost of missing thousands of viewers.
99% of the comments are just fanboys arguing with each other. What a raging dumpster fire. Just because someone gives a review with data you don't like doesn't make it PAID or 'fake news'. Why do you care what video card someone else buys anyway?
5:20 that coil whine on the 2070 is atrocious! I would not be able to live with that. Hard pass.
Mert Altuntaş
Dude you are a huge liar. its so obvious that is not a fan sound you just add a wheezing there wtf even rx 590 doesnt have that noice
John Keane
Finally unsubscribbed from these biased turds. This review is so blatantly one sided and misleading to customers it should be reported. Pathetic.....
Umar Shah
Hey does all x470 motherboard series support rx 5700 graphic cards?
"adding a secondary intake area"
thats not how that fan works...
Nathaniel Pecson
Dimitri could probably review this better than you😤 so biased
Luke Wells
The coil whine on the 2060 is louder than the fan...
Adam Bryant
No integrity, I can't imagine any good news source saying "a lot of catching up to do" when a card is 400 dollars and matches the 500 dollar 2070 super, and it doesn't matter if the numbers point to the 5700xt getting better frames per dollar CUZ U R MISLEADING CONSUMERS AT THE END OF UR VIDEO. Congrats on loosing a subscriber.
Tony Litten
The card cannot suck in air from the rear. Watch gamers nexus teardown.
Anish Gupta
Haha salty AMD fanbois in the comments
Naram Sin
How do you figure Navi is too expensive when both cards are £100 cheaper than their NV coiunterpart here in the UK?
Brian Gervais
the blower cooler is a game breaker
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锐龙飞升!Ryzen二代首发评测【Ryzen's evolution! R7 2700X & R5 2600X AMD RX 5700 XT & RX 5700 Review - Benchmarks 2 days ago   11:52

这次我们找来了Ryzen 7 2700X和Ryzen 5 2600X两款新锐龙,一起看看他们的表现如何吧!

We got Ryzen7 2700X & Ryzen5 2600X today, let's figure out their peformance!

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