Is the global response to Khashoggi killing The pressure on Saudi Arabia: what 1 day ago   24:41

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Outrage, condemnation and diplomatic action escalating worldwide.
The killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi continues to provoke reactions.
He was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October the second.
Since then, the world has been gripped by accounts of what really happened.
The mystery first unfolded through leaks by Turkish investigators.
Reports emerged about a Saudi-hit squad killing and dismembering the journalist - allegedly on the orders of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
After two weeks of Saudi denials, diplomats eventually admitted Khashoggi was 'mistakenly' killed during a brawl in the consulate.
And denied any involvement by bin Salman - denials met with widespread scepticism.
Turkey's President has confirmed what he callled a 'savage, pre-meditated murder.'
Recep Tayyip Erdogan's calling for an independent, credible investigation with accountability - from top to bottom.
And he's calling on the Kingdom to provide answers - especially - who gave the order to murder and where are Khashoggi's remains?

But will those answers ever be provided?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan
Guests: Giorgio Cafiero - Chief Executive, Gulf State Analytics
Sinan Ulgen - Chairman, Centre for Economic & Foreign Policy Studies
Mouin Rabbani - Senior Fellow, Institute for Palestine Studies

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Comments 339 Comments

A na
lol This the world we live in. The world needs to end now
The Saudis are uncivilized barbarians of medieval times who still behead and cut hands publicly but the gruesome and heinous murder of innocent K is the height of savagery where they didn't leave even a body part for at least a burial prayer. They have defamed Arabs and Islam.
MBS is untouchable. Period
As long as Trump is the POTUS... No one can touch a hair in MBS's body
In case you haven't noticed. MBS is practically untouchable.
Jane Clark
Of course MBS ordered Khashoggi's death and MBS is a Monster and needs to go......Trump needs to do this or he will be out too soon
Katherine W
Pres.Trump is a LAPDOG of MBS. Angela Merkel is much STRONGER more than any world leader.
Tania Battiau
Justice for humanity ...
Patrice Ortovent
The biggest business soon for Saudis will be kitchen towels manufacturing and distribution, although it will have a made in China label inside it.
imran shah shah
Turkey must show to would that he is storage government, and turkey is safe country not Bermuda triangle.
Arman Fatahi
The west will terror MBS, no choice. He is playing so dumb.
Atgeir Nyttingnes
All should change oil supplie, from Saudi Arabia to Iranian oil, and Russia should not sell S-400 to Saudi Arabia!
Bob santo
I don’t know him but I think about him every second. How can you killed an important man like a goat !
Clay Mccormick
the us writers are upset because khashoggi was their fixer if they needed anything relating to saudi so they all knew him that is all.
Clay Mccormick
the writer was a gangster the people that ordered his death are gangsters the reason the body has not been found is because it was desecrated so the saudis can not produce the body with out that becoming apparent we need to get out of that part of the world and let them kill each other without our help.
Terribly dishonest murderous kingdom of Saudi's embassies worth being shut down in western countries and all MBS cohorts are worst than pigs!
goroo Wayaa
Total nonsense! The world leaders must bring the stupid Saudi prince to his knees. This demonic kingdom must crash!!! This is beyond human imagination!!!Just too much to swallow!!!
Joy Musa
MBS and Saudi royal family, the judge, jury and government, total sham
Had the blame be put on Russia, there would have been dozen of new sanctions against Russia. Shame on USA , they are the biggest bunch of hypocrites.
If it was Syria, Damascus would have been bombed two weeks ago !
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The pressure on Saudi Arabia: what Is the global response to Khashoggi killing 1 day ago   41:57

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