Scumbag Offset | sketchy wiring BOLTR: Milwaukee Ratchets Brushed 1 day ago   19:15

Why are trailer brakes such a pain in the ass? Why is trailer wiring so janky? Because money. I muddle through a simple wiring problem on a tent trailer.

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Scooby's Scoop
Dude! That woman sounds Canadian... did you know that before you dated her?
Whenever I'm searching for the right tool for the job, it's always in the last place I look.
Spooky huh ??
Ham Radio Crash Course
The brake safety switch smoking killed me.
Steampunk Skunk
Tip when cutting zip ties. Don't cut them off, grab them in pliers and twist them off, it ensures no sharp edges
mike kotarba
great video AVE
Eli Fuller
Wus your problem ohms?
O man... you're the greatest !! much to do about normal guy life..... ! Salutations from tater capitol of us (ins) ..... pronuncked ussins :)
Nice Portuguese on that "bateria"
Jeremy Nelson
classic Ave hunting down an electrical problem. very good.
Keith Jurena
Solder, mastic and heat shrink is how I roll.
I work at a campground and have a bit of experience working with trailers and camper units.
to put in bluntly, they are all built as cheap and as flimsy as possible. Its amazing even in units that are 40, 50 grand plus are nothing more than glue, press board and hopes and dreams keeping it together.
Jason Blume
Isaac Abee
Oh aye, e can set yer banjaxed caravan right, an e'll do it as a nixer without a drop o the black stuff in return, but does e like dags?
you should get a chest mounted gopro
Trailer wiring by boiler makers
makes u wonder why surge brakes haven't completely taken over.
jim reeder
I have to hand it to you, your videos are entertaining
Merle Mitchell
This wiring reminds me of the crap auto manufacturers are using with the sheathing made from soybeans. Damn rabbits, squirrels, mice etc. Just love the crap.
*"By the Power of Grayskull" ??? that straining sounded more like "Ookla the Mok" on Thundarr the Barbarian. xD*
So, you folks up there salt your road too?
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BOLTR: Milwaukee Ratchets Brushed Scumbag Offset | sketchy wiring 1 day ago   22:03

Chickadee and I made a T-shirt. It's both sage and funny.

Comparing the old 3/8" Milwaukee ratchet to a new fuel ratchet. The head on the M12 Fuel is HUGE and consequently, reasonably skookum.

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