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Marc talked about the process of learning a foreign language and the different levels of fluency. He will show that there is a higher realm of language proficiency and explain what it takes to reach this “native” point where the benefits far surpass mere communication skills. Marc’s passion is the study of languages, their manifestation in local dialects, as well as their expression in poetry and folkloric song. He has acquired a near-native proficiency in six languages and their sub-forms and has given various musical performances. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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I should have born in country where people use English.
Ceren Nur Ahıska
omg what an audience
I speak eight languages fluently and I do believe that an accent is just beautiful!!!!😉
Tôn Ngộ Không
hay vl
Ekaterina Nekrasova
I actually think the obsession over native-like level of English and too much emphasis on how foreign accents sound not educated and right is just not healthy for esl learners. It sets unrealistic expectations because not everyone will be able to overcome the problem, why don’t we change the perception of people with those accents? I personally struggled of not being accepted by the Americans while I was traveling. I spent over 10 yrs improving my language skills and my accent wasn’t that strong. However, they couldn’t help it but to ask about my origin, which sounded terribly offensive to me and showed me that all the effort I made was for nothing.
K Ha
Does it apply to learning computer languages?
Ольга Андрияка
Круто! 👏 браво
Dennis Celis
Elfara Dianni Yusnita
Life is Never the same again
Imitate native speaker. But how do we do that?
Matthew Fan
So boring
tawfiq click
Any arabic here to explain for us what marc want provide?
I'm arabic, i have basic knowledge of English language.
s A
When you have a partner who is a Japanese American from Hawaii, and you speak three languages too. It’s shifting unconsciously.
Андрей Ивкин
really, what does truth English language sound?)
Евгений К
Yeah. I totally agree with the part describing the areas to focus on when we're learning native speakers. Especially, for pronunciation, I often record my voice speaking some conversation book for another language. And, I can compare my voice with another voice on the book's material. And, for expressing that local usually use, I listen or practice the language's drama. Yeah, I think the thing is persistence. If we want to learn another language, I think we should be patient till we can get the ability. Anyways, that was a very good speech. Thanks.
Neil Adrian Gomez
There’s a man I know who does speak 22 languages! Someone wanted to beat him?
I have to disagree with accents and pronunciation. True, it would impact how a native speaker would perceive someone, but I think it detracts from someone's personal identity and self-worth to tell them that they have to remove their accent. From my perspective, it's rude to tell someone to eliminate their accent so that they sound better.
Jose Reyes
La partecita en la que hablo en español fue increible como cambio de acento en milesimas de segundos
Travis Dom
Im a Filipino and our english is way different from the standard american english. Only in colleges that it is being taught but how i wish they could have started it in elementary... Now call centers are everywhere in the Philippines and SAE should be the basis. Atleast somehow thats the closest to speaking american in the most neutral way.
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A New Way to Learn to Read English | Narda How to Talk Like a Native Speaker 2 days ago   09:33

Narda Pitkethly created a system that profoundly simplifies learning how to read. Watch how her system reduces illiteracy and many of its negative consequences. Narda Pitkethly moved to Japan after college and discovered the Japanese had created a simple method of learning to read, called Hiragana. Through their method, Narda learned to read Japanese in a week. Within three months, her comprehension allowed her to communicate freely in her home city of Fukuoka.
In 1988 Narda moved from Japan to Sun Valley because the small community and year-round outdoor activities enticed her. An accomplished glassblower, she often travels to Boise to create works of art.
When her daughter was identified as a challenged reader in the first grade, Narda discovered that English is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn to read, even for native speakers. Narda analyzed the English alphabet to understand why it is so difficult (1 in 4 children grow up without learning to read). She organized the letters in the same way the Japanese organized their Hiragana characters. Narda reveals an approach to the English language you have never seen before. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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