Dave Chappelle Calls Out The Left! Dave Chappelle on comedy in the #MeToo 1 day ago   05:16

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Comedian Dave Chappelle calls out the left! But it won't be enough if we don't do our part. Here's the Simple Truth.


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adam Wiech
Here's the issue us conservatives have ,first off I am very conservative however I'm not close minded ,I am a very traditional family man but open to other points of view I am not a homophobe but I believe in my way but don't deny others theirs, but for years the LGBT community wanted tolerance they got it then acceptance and got it then inclusion and got it ,now if you don't agree with all of their views your a racist , homophobic ,intolerant Nazi and now that's where I have a problem ,we've bent over backwards to have all people equal and now you just want to snolap our backs well now we're pushing back to protect what we believe as you fought to protect what you believed and now you don't like it ,just live your life and let us live ours the way we want, pride month and the parade isn't a celebration of unity and acceptance it's a vulgar spectacle of xxx rated nastiness ,why must you make it a naked spectacle of assless chaps and nudity is that how you live your lives? Straight parades aren't that . Celebrate your victories with dignity and respect and you'll receive that back stop playing the victims and stop attacking traditional values and we'll get along just fine.
Mark Meyer
He’s still on the left though 🤣
neither side practices tolerance. that's why they're one-sided.
Jackson Anubis
Chapelle, another "flipflopper" ...remember when he and all those other "hoteps" kept saying "Give Trump a chance"...what are they saying now????
I didnt know Dave Chappelle was white. Lol. Click bait.
Taylor Bee
..fascism is a hyper right wing ideology...
Xavier Direen
Fuck the left!! You're all going down. No good son's of bitches.
Fi Dixon
Fascist Propaganda Peddling from the Right Wing Ministry of Public Enlightenment. Pay Attention Always and Vote the Republican (New Nazi) Party out of existence November 2020, and into Infinity. 💯

👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Projecting at its Finest.
Blane Swanson
Right on!!!!!
The difference between the critic's score and the audience's score on Rotten Tomatoes says a lot about the biases of the media in 2019.
nay rod
You're doing the exact thing by judging about it. Look in the mirror!
Esteban Kozak
Clickbait. No Chappelle to be seen.
M Clay
BLC never makes a video that isn't pure gold. The current Progressive Movement's trojan horses were never about the values of Equality or Justice; it has been all about political control. And it has done very well. The problem with the Right's Strategy, is that it doesn't seem to have one- except defense. Speaking out and standing up is a start- but at some point, you have to turn the table, and set the traps for the Progressives to fall in.
dirty britches
Thank goodness the right wing is so loving and tolerant. Golly gee.
Marie Neary
Live & let live. Always be real.
Epic Pooch
So true, haven’t heard that one in a while. “It’s a free country”
Robin Adams
Definition of politics if we keep them focused on political correctness they will not pay us any attention while we still the gold
Wil Robles
Where's Dave?
Paul Florez
You used Dave Chappells thumbnail to get is to listen to you. Not cool!
Nevertheless I do agree with what your saying.
sir Joe joe
Any side is bad when they go to the extreme, the right extremist are just as nasty as the left extremist. We have to distinguish the left extremist and the left and the right extremist and the right.But I guess its not important when you're trying to push a narrative,is it?.
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Dave Chappelle on comedy in the #MeToo Dave Chappelle Calls Out The Left! 1 day ago   08:30

Dave Chappelle doesn't think audiences "want to pay to see somebody worried about the repercussions of what they say." A comedian who made a name for himself as one of the smartest and sharpest comedians around, Chappelle's latest comedy sets are getting lots of attention, as well as criticism in a way that's different from the past. Chappelle sits down with Jeffrey Brown.

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