I Didn't Wear Underwear For A Month I Slept 3 Hours A Day For A Week (7 Days) 1 day ago   07:08

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I'm back with a brand new funny challenge video! This time around I wasn't allowed to wear underwear for a whole month and this is what happened! Watch with me and find out what happens!

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The Infographics Show
There seems to be quite a few of you going commando... What do you like/don't like about it?
I’ve actually already never wore underwear for a few months and nothing happend
Internet Junkie
My girlfriend doesn’t wear underwear often. I’m not complaining ☺️
Tristan Backup
Just wear boxes, it's a nice compromise, not tight down there & it will breathe easy while having some feeling of protection.
no joke,. ive been wearing my cloths like normal everyday BUT have stopped wearing underware for a few weeks now after i didnt have any spare one day as they was in the wash so went out without them as no one would know and i found out that I find it way more comfortable!! XD so have been doing it since then. XD
Pizza goes splat
Sorry but more wrong about the Scottish. Take it from someone from the North of England. It's 100% true that the Scottish do not wear underwear.
Pizza goes splat
I haven't worn underwear for about 20 years. lol
Jimmy Butler
Send bro out on a vacation
Well girls can’t really do this unless you’re a younger one because

Tyler Scira
what happens when you jump into a valcano
Aaron Bristow
Do a challenge for when u go on a holiday for a month
Dawn Nichols
What would happen if you spend a month going to different tourist spots across the country and only spent a day at each one? How many could you visit and would it still be exciting?
Luke ee
the only thing i dont like about this is the sausage jiggles and sticks out more
Muna Love
I have done it for more than a month😅😂😂
willardz 4 real
1.400.000 views already
abhishek gourav
The worst part of doing no underwear challenge is when you are in public and your "50cal" gets mounted..
3:34 he calls his girlfriend “the girlfriend”
Jessica Cooper
What happens if you send a staff member to vacation for a month to the bahamas
Teresa Nicholls
You should go to Hawaii
Yvonne Sinkamna
Why if you went to Hawaii for a month
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I Slept 3 Hours A Day For A Week (7 Days) I Didn't Wear Underwear For A Month 1 day ago   10:06

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I decided to try and challenge myself to not sleep for a week (7 days), this is what happened. Welcome to a funny animated cartoon about my no sleep challenge.

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