GOING INSANE IN HAWAII best friends go to hawaii *crazy 2 days ago   13:02

emma chamberlain
we didn't really go crazy at all lol


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-emma chamberlain

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Ana Amanda
You look and sound like Selina Meyer with that dark hair
Kulia Kaufman
The fish you saw is called a trumpet fish, don't worry they're harmless😂
Sike Potato
Swim in the water.....

Where else?
Women live life on tutorial mode...
Tianna Perez
Is anyone gonna talk about the way she ate the waffle?
Jill Lofties
Ella P
7:13 is the cutest laugh ive ever seen
x strawberry role x
Laurel-Lye and Layla
So the real question is.. why is Olivia the only one who ever farts?
Gymnastics Lover
Don’t swear
Ava Kuti
Save the turtles 🐢
Nagwan Ahmed
I do vlogs in Egypt and show the secrets of many places in Egypt
Kirstie Smith
8:01 uMmMm
Evie Kate
i love you emma
KkMc Moo
Emma when she is alone in a video* : Guys I’m so lonely and I have nothing to do and all my friends are busy I wish I could hang out with them
Emma when she is hanging out with her friends* : I really miss our alone time

BTW I love you Emma keep up with the amazing work
shirin kia
Check and like my recent and I’ll do the same
olivia bartnik
where is the lime green hoodie from!!!
Sophie Gelly
What phone case did Olivia have?!
Ahri Fatima
The way they’re talking to you through the bathroom door lmao.
Sub to my channel guys
Malea Layne
“Yo this oatmeal goes crazy” I’m DYING
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best friends go to hawaii *crazy GOING INSANE IN HAWAII 2 days ago   18:43

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