Mustang GT is COMPLETE!!! $1,100 240Z Becomes Carbon 1 day ago   10:07

Tj Hunt
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

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Statics Shoots
I know that is not your style but try to do a stance fitment !
Brody Hill
I think matte black rims would look better but it’s his choice
Sonnychiba11 Sanz
Hahahaha he likes the meat🤣🤣🤣
Lewis Anderson
I think to spice things up you should do a hot boi hatch back build
Louis-Philippe Hébert
The Mustang of @itsjusta6 has a great trunk lid spoiler go check it out!
danie rodriguez
Anyone see that blue mr2 in the back though??? Potential?!?!?!?
Chris jakits
😂😂😂😂The meat meme hahaha
Wide body :( I like what you do but why do stupid people like you have to touch mustangs and add bowlshit ! So sad they can let people like u own mustangs :(
True Christina
Anyone running the APR AS-105957 Mustang Drag Rear Carbon Fiber Spoiler?
Absurd Wave
Anyone one know the outro song ??
Isaak Walker
I live 2.5 hrs from Portland. I work all day tomorrow so I cant make it out 😕 was super stoked. Anyways, love the mustang build. My boss has a full stage 2 rousche mustang GT, its beautiful
Nathan Bearden
Trufiber dca57 I have it on my mustang, best spoiler hands down, Ton of flare, all carbon fiber, and gets a shit ton of attention. Around $700 for one. But worth it.
Ross Metts
Bag it
dang adam and nicole are no longer together that is dangg saddddddddd!!!!!
Joe Meade
Can we get a counter for the amount of times TJ said Meat in this video 😂😂😂
Yadhuna Rajhamurugan
Take the tire sticker off my dude
whos going to tune the mustang?
I love ricks Volvo 😎
Brandon Stokes
Tyler Lewbart
Shelby gt350 track pack spoiler
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$1,100 240Z Becomes Carbon Mustang GT is COMPLETE!!! 1 day ago   18:42

If we were to add a "rags to riches" story to the book of time attack, this would be it. Shawn Bassett knew he wanted a 240z after watching one clean up at an autocross way back when, found one for cheap, and spent the next few years building to attack time. AND - he just took a podium finish at the car's first time attack race!

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