Sweet Dreams + More | Nursery Marching Band Song (Instrument 2 days ago   50:17

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Join Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and all of their forest friends in this sweet and soothing nursery rhyme video collection. Enjoy a few gentle lullabies followed by a compilation of our top kids songs and nursery rhymes.

"Goodnight to you. Goodnight to me. Now close your eyes and go to sleep.
Goodnight. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams tonight. Goodnight, I love you."

Song List:
Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) - 0:00:07
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - 0:03:00
Little Snowflake - 0:05:29
My Teddy Bear - 0:07:44
The Bath Song - 0:09:46
Skidamarink (Animated Version) - 0:11:48
Jingle Jingle Little Bell - 0:14:04
One Little Finger - 0:16:16
Row Row Row Your Boat - 0:18:29
One Potato, Two Potatoes - 0:20:23
The Eensey Weensey Spider - 0:21:44
I See Something Blue - 0:23:47
Five Little Monkeys - 0:26:37
Go Away! - 0:28:41
What Do You Hear? - 0:30:16
Rain Rain Go Away - 0:33:19
Yes, I Can! - 0:35:34
Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #1 - 0:38:55
Count And Move - 0:40:40
Old McDonald - 0:41:50
Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt? - 0:45:19
The Wheels On The Bus - 0:47:44

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Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs
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Samrajab Mehrez
Can you do quite song please please I LOVE IT AND IT MAKES MY LITTlE BABY BOTHER SLEEP
Played this for my one year old son while taking his breathing treatment tonight now he’s knocked out lol
Jacqueline mofield
Ok I'll be back soon
Bridget Haggerty
I've literally watched this every night for the last year😂 sometimes multiple times a day, because it has always been my son's favorite!!❤❤
Diego Hernandez
Finally got my nephew to sleep 😭
jess123 smiles
My brother lisents to this and says "I sleepy" hes only 2years old and loves theese songs i fall asleep aswell as him ;)
Emily Cardinal
Yessss this made my fussy baby fall asleep
Jacquie cowell
Scrolling throughout the comments as my little one lays In my arms falling asleep listening to it!!! Thanks so much!!!

Who else is still watching it in 2019!!
The world of Alicja toys
cool video, kids will love it,sub and like for you
Samrajab Mehrez
I love you so much you make my baby boy sleep well cya 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Nate Boone
Sweet Dreams Used To Make Me Cry When I Was Little 🥺😫😭
Samrajab Mehrez
I love you so much you are so good you make me so happy and sleepyhead
Tracey King
Thank you
I am babysitting my little cousin and he is drinking his bottle going to sleep now
He was so fussy I couldn’t find any soothing music 💚🥰🌙
I like Dragon ball
Rosalinda Calvario
Yes kathleen u are right please make some more songs👏👏😢😭😢😢
Rosalinda Calvario
My little brother loves it a lot thank u a lot😘😍😍😪
Hamna Kamran
Me and my little one he going to 5th month like that music 🎶plz makes some more videos like this
Keep it up bless you be happy 😊
Thank you♥
Carlos Gomez
I put this really loud in my car when I valet it in the night club entrance...
Maureen du Toit
Always calms my little one, thank you
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Marching Band Song (Instrument Sweet Dreams + More | Nursery 2 days ago   35:10

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