Carles Puigdemont holds press El tribunal no accepta Carles Puigdemont 1 day ago   52:59

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Gabri gabriele
this man is a coward. why he dont accept trial in spain . maybe he ideas arent so strong....
LOL De Spanjolen worden wanhopig.
Beware who you give voice to! Spanish separatism is a social engeneering plot by Catalan elites to get away with their corruption, besides it's based on supremacism and has dangerous parallels with pre-nationalsozialismus, torch marches included! They attack liberties, disidents and broke the law leaving out the oposition in parliament, violating democracy and more than half of Catalonia's people's rights, this guy must be brought to justice, don't be deceived by his lies and propaganda! Google search "catalibanes deja vu" and "the disturbing things catalan separatists do"
Cobarde no tienes cogones
Spain is not a Game
Das so ein Mensch auf Deutschen Boden solche Presse Konferenz abgeben kann ist absolut schleierhaft ich verstehe nicht das die Bundesregierung Deutschlan mit seiner Vergangenheit mit Adolf Hitler solche Leute wie Puigdemont vor der Kamera lassen....ihre falsche Nazistische Einstellung zu vertreiben.
GoW barcelona
Freedom 4 Catalonia!!!! Freedom 4 the catalan elected political prisoners!!!! We r with U president Puigdemont!!!! Indipendence is the only way forward!!!! Free Catalonia from s_pain!
Patricia Vazquez
Audio is not clear????
Pere-Andreu Ubach de Fuentes
20 mics and you can't offer a better audio?
Niki Min
Avui han deixat lliures als lladres de Catalunya Caixa, perque segur que estàn enmerdats civils i politics espanyols molt coneguts, espanya és tercermundista, fot moltíssima pudor. Carles fot-lis ben fort a aquests fills de puta espanyols, a Estrasburg ens hem de cobrar fins l'últim mal que ens han fet a la majoría parlamentaria i civil catalana independentista.
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El tribunal no accepta Carles Puigdemont Carles Puigdemont holds press 1 day ago   02:14

Picabaralla entre Marchena i Pina perquè no s'han acceptat algunes proves. "Aquest tribunal no admet estratègies dilatòries", avisa el president, que no ha volgut argumentar la negativa a atendre algunes sol·licituds de les defenses.

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