Javy Báez Answers Questions Funny And Cute Husky Puppies 2 days ago   03:26

Chicago Cubs
Cubs infielder Javy Báez takes a ride with some adorable puppies and answers questions from Charlie, kid interviewer extraordinaire. Javy gives Charlie some advice on how to make it to the big leagues and Charlie shows Javy a magic trick. Plus, they break for a quick race on scooters.

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Arelyn mAlvarado
My brother and I'm has sister and he has a baby brother ❤️❤️ and my name is Gloria
Michael Kelley
This is the kind of content we need on YouTube. Thanks Cubs
damn these guys have actual chemistry together! this kid could be a talk show host. or they could have their own reality show together
Aaron M Wilkinson
Same here! Love Javy Baez!
Ghoulish Expeditions
Can we get Charlie conducting some on-field interviews this season?
Joyce Gresham
This is great!!!!
Wanna see a magic trick You see this quarter yeah look over there yeet
Travis Krzemienski
This kid is adorable
Palos Bros
A little fun
Dena Kampmier
Javier is my fav
David Santos
I keep thinking of fez from That 70s show lmao. Love this Dude.
David Santos
Lol this Dude is The Man. I laughed hard when he said oh its gone lol . 6 ft 1 on that tiny bike lol.
Cutest thing ever 😊😊😊
Zeke Kelly
1.4K+ likes. 15 dislikes. It’s like YT rewind but backwards. Go Cubs!!
Andre Akerele
Cute kid
Marielys Marte
This is so adorable !!
Skippy the Alien
this youtube channel is helping me get over the fact that the Cubs owners' sold their souls to those devils known as Sinclair
Jose Hernandez
Sarah Poynton
is he crying at 2:57 when Charlie gives him the picture? :')
I love "How much dogs do you have?"
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Funny And Cute Husky Puppies Javy Báez Answers Questions 2 days ago   10:57

Funny And Cute Husky Puppies Compilation #3 - Cutest Husky Puppies

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