Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Samsung Galaxy S10E vs iPhone 2 days ago   07:14

Marques Brownlee
Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"

Dat wallpaper:
Galaxy S10 Review:

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Not gonna lie that wallpaper is clever
I love the wallpaper.
A- Rodogey
Soooo...can you download fortnite on it?
Zeeshan Khan
My s10e is overheating
One Tap Man
8gb ram on a phone?
why?for what kinda use u need 8 gb???
John Merced
Why is there thumbs down on this? Makes no sense!
Shubh Arora
Playing pubg is ideal in this 😍😍😍
Hugo 김 이곤
Fadhil Muhammad
Those camera movement is lit
Ben Miles
You always talk about buying the phones. So is it just us plebs that get phones on contract then?
Ross Goddard
Nice phone 👍
He calls Apple “the ecosystem”? What does that mean?
Lalithalakshmi Paramasivam
Bought S10e a couple of days back! This device is having heating up issue... sply on the left side of the device
Ho Hwang
Just bought the S10e, as per your review, AND I love it! Traded my old phone samsung gave me credit. Great phone!
Celso De La Cruz
I just bought this phone today coming from the galaxy s5, and it's undoubtedly the best phone I've ever had...
Sam Easwar
Does anyone have any idea about the black dot next to rear flash in S10e ? 🤔🤔
Thirdy Pontañeles III
The thumbnail made me do it.
Amjid Khan
How do you unlock if you’re left handed?

What a pain. They obviously didn’t think this through.
Scott Craft
The fingerprint sensor isn't in a good spot for us lefties, otherwise I think this is a fantastic phone for the money.
John Smith
Why don't they OMIT the front camera? I don't know anyone who uses that thing? It's just for Americans, no one else cares about fucking selfies
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Samsung Galaxy S10E vs iPhone Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: 2 days ago   09:02

Samsung Galaxy S10E vs iPhone XR Speed Test. A speed test comparison between Galaxy S10e vs Apple iPhone XR including apps opening, browsing, Multitasking & more.


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