Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Samsung Galaxy S10e vs S10 vs S10 Plus: 2 days ago   07:14

Marques Brownlee
Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"

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I was premium Galaxy user up until iPhone XR.
I made move because of evil google censorship , lack of privacy & security.

I love XR iOS performance and battery life.
it’s truly great device but user customization freedom sucks & restrictive.
Perfect example is Apple Iwatch , it doesn’t allow data stream for 3rd party music apps such as Pandora etc.
In order to stream you must purchase Apple Music which is overpriced crap app.

Anyway I’m @ device crossroads & it sucks
Sebastian Koeck
Sh*t Marq that phone. All i want. Thanks for the review.
e for entry?
Jeremy Obrien
My friend is giving me a Samsung galaxy s10 for the same price as the s10e I don’t know which one to get can someone help me both phones is brand new sealed, I kinda like the s10e better but I’m not sure which one to get can someone help
Wayne the Xplorer
Since apple has screwed some customers by not making a smaller iPhone, I have found 5he s10e to be a good replacement for the SE
Marin Gaćina
Why does the s10e have much whiter display than the s10(more like dirty white) on the same display settings?
Shaun Beakley
S10e or s9
Tech 'n' Tricky
I love the sexy edge screen of galaxy S9 rather than s10e's flat screen.
Anybody else?
So it's the same price as the op7 pro basically
It's a nice phone but kind of pointless. Unlike iPhones, most Samsung phones go on sale within months
Who else is watching with a s10e
the e stands for efficialy xD
Andrew Martinez
Pseudo flagship?
michael blevins
I have the s10 5g and it is the best
Theo Samuelsson
Thats expensive
Theo Samuelsson
Thats expensive
Goodbye Apple,
Been using Apple for more than 10 years, now searching for an android as a new phone and I think I found my top candidate :D
bekir sivri
the flat screen is way too better. edge sucks
Should I get the S10e or the S9 plus
Jodi Anderson
I cant choose between the s10 or the oneplus pro
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Samsung Galaxy S10e vs S10 vs S10 Plus: Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: 2 days ago   11:04

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Samsung has released the budget Samsung Galaxy S10e and the flagship Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. And of course, you might be confused, so in this video, I will tell you precisely which one to get.

Let's compare the Galaxy S10e to the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus and get you some answers that you can digest.

In this video: Galaxy S10e vs Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10 Plus

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