Inside America's For-Profit Bail Arkansas: The Worst Place to Rent 1 day ago   24:36

The US is the only first-world country that commercializes bail. The for-profit industry rakes in more than $2 billion annually in revenue. Most criminal defendants can't pay the full bail amount and must either stay in jail or pay a 10 percent fee to secure a bond, which they won't recoup even if found not guilty.

Learn about Why James Burns Voluntarily Went Into Solitary Confinement:

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Comments 9321 Comments

Dean English
We need to fix bail but it is needed in order to ensure people show up for there trials
Patrice Smith
Is anyone else not only horrified by that evil woman, but also her bounty hunter that threatened to kill that man’s dog THROUGH the window... I just wrote a review on Yelp. I could care less about the screeching psycho woman, but I was seriously disgusted at him threatening a dog who was just barking at him through the door. How could they be proud of their business acting like that? I personally know bail bondsmen in Texas, only one I know is a good person, the rest are legal thieves who couldn’t make it in the real world, so had to resort to preying on people in their most vulnerable state, but I’m also against giving anymore power to the government in any cases... I’m torn, there’s got to be a better way!
TRUMP 2020
Hahaha bail i dint wvan pay my bail they took the car from the person qhi bailed me out ..a peesob who i dint no payed for it untill i got out years ago ...ill never pay a bail bonds person
The Self Made Coalition
Her last name is esquenazi i wonder of thats short for "Ashkenazi"?
If so the i get why she wanta her job of being an enslaver so bad
michael harris
bail might have been high but when u premeditate a crime dont cry when u get fucked
Jay Murphy
Bernie 2020!!!!!!!!!!!
this is fucked up and its pissing me off! what can you do tho? fucking piss of shit system ! love my country but the game is so fucking rigged
CW Kooper
All of these people are ignorant. If you do the crime then do the time... not are problem if you cant afford it... its your choice to be a criminal.... yall need to grow up!!!!:

My son bla bla bla your son made a choice... lol got what he deserved he could have said no im staying home... but no had to go destroy this the cry like a baby... lol keep the bitch in jail... maybe next time he will make better decisions!!!! Lol retarded people!!!
Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time... or pay the bail
Mardiff V.
The bail bond system works well. In my country, the Netherlands, only suspects of the most serious crimes get locked up untill trial. In most cases they are sent home. This system was put into place to save money. If a suspect does not appear in court, the police to locate and arrest him. All paid by taxpayers money.
Mr. Beard claim that the BBS is obsolete, because "in the past people could ride on horse back to another jurisdiction. And now people are stuck to their neighborhood." Dude, there are cars, plane and even you can jump on a freight train and be 3 states away.
james Morehead
So they basically loan sharks lol .
Allen Murgondy
That woman is horrible. Watch the video and then you'll know what I am talking about.
TheProgressive conservative
I was a 30year old small framed female who has had 3 back surgeries when I had a bail bondsman put a gun to my head and threaten to kill my barking dog over a failure to appear on a driving on suspended charge....granted, I had a drug problem and did not go to court but I was no type of threat to them or the community. This in not an exaggeration. Name was AAAAbonds in Murfreesboro, TN.
I wish people would get at Philadelphia, they only have 3 bail bonds companies. But they tax bail! 30% right off the top. Same difference ! REVENUE & ITS DECIDED BY A BAIL Commissioner??? NO PROPER ARRAIGNMENT. NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION.
Tom V
Those morons seem to be happy when they get their free T-shirts.  And they are morons because they commit the same crimes over and over again.
America turning into nazi Germany one day at a time. Except it’s not just about race it’s about how poor you are. This country is really going down the toilet fast. Best thing you can do in this country is leave to live in a truly free country like Norway or Switzerland. Can’t wait to leave this corporation yes I said corporation
Maharlike Mandate
Same here in PH you can bail
dumb bish showing off for the camera, take those cuffs off she'd be silent
Emis Cortez
Ooh Dios mio, that mean frizzy hair woman! She is a horrible person! She was hoping for the hispanic guy to get raped in jail!
Mechellay Broadnax
Pre trail is thee same thing in different clothes I speak from experience
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Arkansas: The Worst Place to Rent Inside America's For-Profit Bail 1 day ago   10:08

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Arkansas is one of the worst places to be a renter in America. It is the only state in the US where tenants are treated as criminals for paying rent late and landlords are not required by law to maintain their properties.

Its failure-to-vacate law lets landlords give tenants a 10-day eviction notice if they are even one day overdue. Tenants who can't or won't leave within that span face fines for every day they remain on the property and up to 90 days in jail.

This makes things difficult for the third of Arkansas's residents who are renters and have legitimate concerns about the properties they are occupying. The combination of failure-to-vacate and the lack of warranty of habitability make it almost impossible for tenants to challenge their landlords for legitimate reasons. It's estimated that criminal evictions occur everyday in Arkansas, resulting in over 2000 failure-to-vacate cases being filed each year.

VICE News visited Arkansas to learn more about its draconian eviction laws. From the courthouses to the porches of some of the state's poorest residents, we documented first-hand accounts from one of the country's most underreported stories.

Debtors Prisons Are Taking the US Back to the 19th Century:

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