The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan 7 months ago   15:02

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Everyone has the ability to build mental strength, but most people don't know how.
We spend a lot of time talking about physical strength and physical health, but much less time on mental strength and mental health.
We can choose to perform exercises that will help us learn to regulate our thoughts, manage our emotions, and behave productively despite our circumstances - the 3 basic factors of mental strength. No matter what your goals are, building mental strength is the key to reaching your greatest potential.

Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. Since 2002, she has been counseling children, teens, and adults. She also works as an adjunct psychology instructor.
Amy’s expertise in mental strength has attracted international attention. Her bestselling book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, is being translated into more than 20 languages.
Amy’s advice has been featured by a number of media outlets, including: Time, Fast Company, Good Housekeeping, Business Insider, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Success, Glamour,, TheBlaze TV, and Fox News. She has also been a guest on dozens of radio shows.
She is a regular contributor to Forbes, Inc., and Psychology Today. She serves as’s Parenting Teens Expert and Discipline Expert.
As a frequent keynote speaker, Amy loves to share the latest research on resilience and the best strategies for overcoming adversity and building mental muscle.

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Thanks for the video 👍
mike to close to your head
lord beerus
Mentally strong just follow your passion
Rosie Mclane
Gain confidence in your ability to deal with the discomfort 💪💥
The Daily Vibe
I'm taking the small step right now💯this is geat
The best 15mins of my day I wish this was longer...taking my notes n applying to my life...
E Moneyy
Clicking "About The Book" For '13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do' By Amy Morin via Google Play Brought Me Here.. I Will Watch & Listen Very Closely. I Am Inspired.
Rainuriftiann EhziraElwancen
Letso M
Perfect timing.Thank you so much!😭🌸
Kassandra Schnurr
I’m crying.
Raneem Ibrahem
* What is one small step that you could take today ? right here, right now ?
so good! speak the truth ..
Brian Furmanek
You are so strong. Thank you for sharing ❤
bella esposa
You sound so depressed and like you need iron I'm depressed and need iron and I could put more enthusiasm in my voice dear ........
lemon chiffon
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amy!!! I will be watching this many more times...I have lost 2 children...and a third is very ill. It's all gone on so, so long that it's hard to keep my head and keep strong. What you have said is very helpful!!!
Drew Boulter
💜💕I appreciate your existence
nydia se
Thanks you this was awesome😘
Laurence Lovell
Thanks so much for this inspiring talk.
Nana Razi
This is big
Let go Accept
She's amazing. Sad about loss of mom and husband. However I disagree that you need to drop junk food to be strong. It's all about balance. Moderation.
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The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong 7 months ago   13:21

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