Inside Ukraine’s Heated Battle Russia - Ukraine Tensions: Russia, 2 days ago   01:56

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NBC’s Bill Neely reports from the front lines of a deadly five-year war as the U.S.-backed Ukraine fights to survive against separatists supported by Russia. Nearly two million people have fled the fighting — a brutal battle of snipers’ nests and trenches.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Inside Ukraine’s Heated Battle Against Russian-Backed Separatists | NBC Nightly News

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hellish demon
Instead of having all those troops in the middle way some could be in Ukraine
Romilalyn Landazabal
Upon reading some of the comments here.. I was thinking, what is the plan of our president here in Philippines. He wanted Russia to be our ally and break the bond between the US.. I hope and wish that he knows what he is doing and don't regret in the end..
peter kinasz
Poor Ukraine! They have all the luck of a 1-legged man in a butt kicking contest politically & economically. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine turned away from the corrupt decline occurring in Russia & turned 2 the exploitation & corruption of the US. They were sucked in2 giving up their nuclear capability by Clinton & now pay 4 it. Y are my countrymen so stupid?
Егор Топорков
Russian ??? The Novorossia!
John G
Ukraine used Soviet Union to grab land from Poland , Romania Hungary and Moldova . And in 1992 Ukraine backed the separatist in Republic of Moldova . Now they get what they deserve
Holandija Service
Funny to read, so many reaction about don't trust russia.. People forget the past 30 years history there is a lot more blood on the hands of the US then Russia.

It's the Nato that spit on agrements made by them selfs.
Hartley Ransom-Leland
NBC over here looking like a bunch of clowns
jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen
War of brothers get out Globalist garbage we know who you are!!..MI6 And UK globalists that support the West side..not USA..
Yuri Kovalenko
Guys, do not be fooled. Russian military is not involved into this war. It is a Civil war between West and East Ukraine. West part is supported by US and NATO, East part is supported by Russia. Simply like that.
Hmm - NBC clearly biased. The people of Donbas region are also Ukrainian but were marginalised by extremist (Facist) policies of Svoboda and the Right Sector; funded by the USA.
NBC - It isn't Russia vs Ukraine. If if were that black and white, then why does the Ukrainian government struggle to control the 'volunteers' who are now absorbed into the National Guard which horrified the EU Commission?
Why did US Congress cut funding of arms to the Right Sector?
Ask the questions with an open mind and without a preconceived agenda.

What is in Donbas that Ukraine wants? It isn't soil ..... It is the Coke and armaments factories of the Soviet era which churned out exports for Ukraine but the region lacked any investment from Kiev. The people might be culturally Russia with Russian language, but that doesn't mean that all want to be Russian citizens.

The didn't agree with the extremes of the Right Wing imposed upon them stripping assets and banning their language, separating Orthodoxy etc. If Poroshenko had simply spoke to these people, he could maintain the boundaries of Ukraine, address their grievances, rein in the extremes of his facist supporters and given regional autonomy to the area that is the industrial heartland.

He didn't and he tried to frame the recent election as good versus evil in a nationalistic crusade of military endeavour. His election performance in every region bar his own proves that normal people in the entire country are sick and tired of the lies and corruption of the elite who seek to serve their masters in Washington.

Ukraine has a new President - let's welcome new hope. No doubt Brussels and Washington are scrambling to contact the new president to continue serving their interests. If the new president can steer his country towards Ukrainian self interest, not vassalage to other states, but truly independent, it will have a prosperous future.

End the war - it has cost too much in lives already
Flash Mora
Ww3 coming soon, 2 billion people will die as it is written.
USA dont care about UKARAINE they care to sell weapon and to be as close as can to Russian border.Maybe i am wrong but dont think so.You my friends are puppets in other hands.
Ryan Vargas
Reporter acting like he’s running across an open battlefield. So fake. Yeah this story has been going on for awhile. Remember the Trump administration is the one providing lethal level support that Obama wouldn’t.
I will not forget Ukraine
hey NBC why dont you tell the world it was your Dark Lord an Master Obama who put American troops near Ukraine to try too draw us into this war. you wont do that will you because youre a Liberal run News Media an heaven forbit if someone talks bad about your Master Obama
Baron Joachim Von Munchausen
soon Russian political system going collapse.
Then automatically war 'll is over.
Ukraine will win war for identity and sovereignty.
Phil Conerly
NBC fake news
Героям Слава!
Love Ukraine 🇺🇦 from Netherlands 🇳🇱 ! Fight those bloody Russians and be free and independent!
Roel Demiza
america use divide and conquer very effective
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Russia - Ukraine Tensions: Russia, Inside Ukraine’s Heated Battle 2 days ago   03:08

Russia has deployed the advanced S-400 anti-aircraft missile system in Crimea, as tensions with Ukraine continue to escalate. The deployment comes after Russia seized three Ukrainian navy vessels on Sunday. Moscow and Kiev have traded barbs, with Russian President Vladimir Putin accusing his Ukrainian counterpart of plotting the standoff to boost his popularity ahead of elections. While Petro Poroshenko has accused Putin of seeking to annex Ukraine and urged NATO to send warships to the Sea of Azov. For more on these rising tensions, Sarah Morice has this report.

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