"Operation Varsity Blues" exposes Lori Loughlin released on bond 2 days ago   07:07

CBS News
Prosecutors have charged dozens of wealthy parents, coaches and administrators in a massive college admissions scam. Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are among the parents charged. USA Today education reporter Chris Quintana joined CBSN to break down the allegations and their consequences.

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Gina Ke
It’s clear that none of these parents cared about giving their kids an education. All they wanted was to buy a brand to stamp on their children’s resume. Bragging rights, too.
Margaret Mcree
I agree that the colleges can claim they have been victimized. Exposing the scam for all to see has taken the "shine" off a degree from any of those schools. Do you think HR will take a closer look ay applicants who have graduated from the schools in question? Their credentials have been seriously compromised.
Margaret Mcree
If USC is a victim of fraud, could they conceivably file a civil suit against Loughlin and Giannuli?
Michael Kensington
The thing about race being an impediment to getting into the elite schools really only applies to Asian applicants NOT Blacks or Hispanics or other minorities. Blacks and Hispanics have benefited from affirmative action where as Asians have not. Asians have to score much much higher on the SAT, ACT, MCAT, participate in sports and other activities, where Blacks do not. So this idea that affirmative action helps all minorities is a farce and is just as unfair and unethical as these bribing scandals. Let your mental and physical abilities be the factor that get you into college not money or race.
Paul Jenkins
The only federal laws applicable to the states are found in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution. Considering those few regulatory powers granted to Congress, what federal laws, pray tell, were broken in this Operation Varsity Blues scandal?

Think about this...

I am fully aware of the lack of morals exercised by these parents, corporate execs, and college teachers and coaches. But, neither the FBI nor any other law enforcement organization has the authority to arrest and prosecute anyone who has not, in fact, violated an actual law or statute.

You may call it bribery, but the money was paid to buy various services that would provide their children with an advantage in the college admission process. Again, what actual applicable statute was violated??? If you can't find the actual federal statute, it is likely that nobody else can either. The US Constitution provides Congress with no authority whatsoever over colleges. Even the Department of Education does not have any legal status in any of the 50 states.

What is going on here is gross fraud, and it is being committed by the federal government. If anybody thinks that I am wrong, then be my guest to read the Constitution, particularly Article 1, Section 8, then find out which applicable federal statute the FBI believes is being violated, assuming the FBI has even indicated which laws are being broken. Then you will be in a good position to determine if the FBI or any other federal authority has any jurisdiction whatsoever. And if they don't, then you will be in agreement with me.

As a side note, people should not worry about what wealthy parents are able to do for their lucky children. Kobe Bryant makes more money than I do. His net worth is about $500 million. So he is able to provide a better lifestyle for his family than I can. He can pay for a better education for his kids than I can. He can go shopping and never have to worry about the prices. And he will have a very nice retirement. Should I complain about that? Who would I complain to and what would I say? If a wealthy parent can pass some dollars under the table to a teacher or coach to provide his son or daughter with some extra college benefits, that is their business. I just need to worry about what I can do to help my kids.

Also, there are no victims here. The school is not a victim. The teachers and coaches are not victims. The parents and other participants are not victims. And the other college students or perspective students are not victims either. Nobody is a victim in this thing. But now that the FBI has supposedly stumbled upon this so-called scandal, everybody involved has become a victim because of the grossly unconstitutional behavior of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

And finally, you need to know that you are being played by Uncle Sam. This entire Varsity Blues scandal is likely being used as a federal test case to see if the American people can be manipulated emotionally to demand or accept "justice" on this issue without ever realizing that no laws have actually been violated. Right now, the FBI is operating under color of law. Will you Americans allow them to get away with this mafia-grade criminal misconduct?
Thea Jones
Education reporter? He's a bit too late isn't he? Jesus we're f****d!
The repporter is dealing with a lot of stress 😂😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️
This is a fake attack on the wealthy to justify Trumps proposals to cut student Federal loans and Pell grants that help poor students.
zokotu ckikazu
Why are people surprised? The system was always rigged/
Shannon K
Jesus christ Chris. Eat a muffin
Sam Sunwoo
College degrees are the biggest scam
So the education system in the United States is giving rich so called "white" kids a handicap... Why am I not surprised? At least it's not giving ALL so called "white" kids a handicap like it has throughout most of American history.
Ricardo Soto
Where's Trump on this!
Dawn Marie Roper
What I want to know is, is college really worth all that money?
Asand dy
This is exactly how Donald Trump got into college...explains alot
Jacqueline Carter
Singer said he's been doing this for 20 yrs. I wonder how far back they will go and what happens to all the kids that benefitted from it?
People wonder why younger people are trending towards socialism. Hmmm
Deborah Hoffman
If students with learning disabilities are getting into Harvard, what does that say about Harvard? Just sayin’. My son has a disability and because of this, he surely isn’t going to qualify. Such fraud hurts these people even more.
They are all Democrats.
faith hope&love
How is it that about fifty people were reported to have participated in this college admission scam and the media keep talking about only two families? Why not interchange the names and put the rest of them in the spot light as well.
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Lori Loughlin released on bond "Operation Varsity Blues" exposes 2 days ago   03:01

Actress Lori Loughlin was taken into custody and appeared in federal court Wednesday. She and her husband are among dozens of parents accused of paying bribes and faking athletic resumes to get their kids into college. Carter Evans reports.

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