The right way to kill a fish Brief History of the Royal Family 1 day ago   08:30

The most popular way to kill fish isn’t great for the fish — or our taste buds.
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Most fish die the same way — slow suffocation in the open air. It’s easy for fishers, but it causes fish tons of stress, and floods their bodies with chemicals like cortisol, adrenaline, and lactic acid. Those chemicals make the fish taste bad, smell “fishy,” and rot quickly. 

But there's a better way: a four-step Japanese method called ikejime. It involves sharp knives. And a brain spike. 

We adapted this video from Vox’s Future Perfect podcast, which goes much more in depth on ikejime: 

Cat Ferguson wrote a detailed article on the process at Topic:

This article about fish and pain from the Smithsonian informed reporting: 

And here’s a link to the Ike Jime Federation, where Andrew is the president: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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Catchin’ Catz
Is no one going to talk about the fact she’s eating raw fish that’s rotten
*Gives a warning as they puncture the head*
ryan yang
I can smell the fish rn
Skoot Ski
What if you miss?

Like... the brain...
So a fish suffers? Get real snowflakes who cares.
Fred Garvin
VOX feel sorry for the fish. They feel stress everyone omg, do something. That hurts my feelings.. ...........Snowflakes
Lassoing Western
I’m still going to slam the fish on some rocks and throw it in a cooler of ice.
My dad put the knife in the back of my pike’s neck and half-decapitated it :(
Another good way is to hit it hard in the top of their head. Either with a knife or with your fingers
Marcus Constantinescu
The right! Way is just cut its head off
Clorox Bleach
Everytime she said Braindead I thought of League players
*PETA Has entered the chat
Ember The Wolf
W-Well if it hurts the fish less?
WillJ R
Fish are friends not food

I ain’t no vegan though
rick Lastmontoya
"it helps with the integrity of the fish."
Jordan Loewen
Nah just beat it over the head with a club
Hiho Wego
They feel pain. They have a spinal cord, stomach, etc...hmmm...kinda like us!
Nikos Boutsikas
That is not the most humans it is Just the better option for the humans
Gabriella Cindy
just go vegan
Zachary Livingstone
No that’s the worst way you grab the gills and the tail with one hand each and pull the head off
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Brief History of the Royal Family The right way to kill a fish 1 day ago   09:00

The Royal Family from 1066 until today.

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