Renewable Energy 101 How do Wind Turbines work ? 9 months ago   01:32

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Energy sources that are not depleted when used or are naturally replenished within a human lifetime.

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Maire Ruckert
Noice vid
Ryder McMeeken
aswd hererere
Jesse Douglas
Ryder McMeeken
emi rumpf
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tab 016
What a video
Itz Chuckburg
you said nuclear wrong
Khalid Muzhir
I'm forced to watch you
Андрей Кириенко
Можно на русском? Ибо я ебал переводить
Deepanshi Tayal
Is this video mp4 based?
Power Videos
Thanks for the video this was really helpful!
Geo T
The term "renewable energy" is false in terms of net energy, since it takes fossil fuels to build colossal wind turbines that destroy rural life and mountaintops, mostly for urban power growth. They also barely reduce carbon, typically operating at 25-40% of stated capacity due to wind's intermittency. Standard power plants must back them up in addition to the fossil fuels used to make them. Look beyond the "green" propaganda and you'll see that industrial wind power is mostly bad for the environment.
Ora Kuvshinova
thank you for all your videos !
Joshua Avalos
i like cheese cake
Slime Cupcake
Thanks for the video it helps me with home school :) and what kinda music do u use its good 👍☺☺☺☺
Mahad Cabdullahi
good vid
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How do Wind Turbines work ? Renewable Energy 101 9 months ago   05:29

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Working of a wind turbine is illustrated in this video with the help of animation. The topic covered are blade design, use of brake, velocity sensor, yawing mechanism, blade tilting, wind turbine efficiency and Betz's limit.

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