Italian farmers spill milk Russian bomber touches down 1 day ago   01:03

BBC News
Farmers in Sardinia are pouring thousands of litres of sheep milk into the streets, rather than sell it for prices they consider too low to live off.

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feel sorry for them cows that made that why not just give it away to people instead idiots!!!
New Thought Movement UK
Wow, world gone a muck. Sorry I don't want .60 pence. I rather nothing. Greed comes in many forms.
*Quick! Grabs your cereal bowl*
I understand but there are starving babies that needs milk.
Lala Fontaine
This is the worst type of protest. The people who have no respect towards their job are those farmers themselves. Stupid as hell.
Brummy BOY
Milking it , give it to the needy
Sai che puzza - imagine the smell once dry 😷
H.E. Y
Stupidity in progress. Wat a waste! 😭😭😭😭
Kaka Shani
Idiots , not 1 brain cell between them , why waste it , I’m sure there are poor people who could have benefited from it
Alexander Portelli
Then raise your prices and if noone buys it, sell something else.
Not everybody is entitled to be a milk farmer. There must be far too many of you if its selling for peanuts. Simple economics.
Anita K
To those who say “give it to the poors/homeless“. Do you know what “protest” means? And.. Give what, tons of not pasteurized milk? Most farmers NOW don’t even have the machinery to pasteurize their milk, or at least money to pay the necessary costs. That milk is not only paid like WATER, but most of it it’s unsaleable! it’s not easy to wake up one day and decide to throw away the entire result of you daily work and fatigue. Being a farmer in Sardinia it’s something that goes waaaaaay beyond a simple “job”, it’s a way of life, a world of culture, folklore and tradition. The protest is undoubtedly strong, but I approve it, as Italian and as half Sardinian!
Welcome to modern Europe
Gabrielle Beatrice Ross
Can they not process these milk for exportation? 😨😨😨😔😔😔
abel Shibabaw
Ah ah I can't stop laughing 😂😂🤷‍♂️
Patrick Mugabeni
That is a failed system. How can they offer a ridiculous price like that? Don't they have an option to sell it elsewhere?
A message to all the people saying "that could've gone to someone in need".

You go give it to them
Nicolae Adrian Pasca
Baravi !!
Nicolae Adrian Pasca
It's About Time People Weke Up !!!
RaRa Ett Lejon
This is a real insult to the cows
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Russian bomber touches down Italian farmers spill milk 1 day ago   04:14

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on America's doorstep in Venezuela with nuclear-capable bombers that can fly twice the speed of sound. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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