How to Make Sensory Bottles for Kids! How to make a Rainbow Sensory Bottle 2 days ago   04:27

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How to Make Magic Color Changing Sensory Bottles for Kids! Fun &Easy DIY Science Experiment! In this video we show you how to make awesome color chaging sensory bottles with simple ingredients you can find around the house. These colorful bottles are half one color and half another, and when you shake them - they mix! You can teach kids how the primary colors red & yellow becomes orange; blue & yellow becomes green, and red & blue becomes purple! And after you mix them, the colors magically separate back to two different colors! All you need to make these awesome sensory toys is water, food dye, baby oil, & gel based candy coloring! This is a simple diy science project that you can do with your kids. These sensory bottles are a great educational tool and will provide tons of sensory enticement for kids and babies alike!

We suggest using Wilton's Candy Coloring for the oil portion of the bottle! It is available in most Wal-Mart's party planning aisle.

Please note that we used glass jars for display purposes only. Please use age-appropriate containers for your child. We recommend using an empty water bottle with the label cut away and the lid glued on securely.

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can I add glitter or anything else to these? Thank you!
niharika sharma
really very nice
apple iqraa
is no good
Michael De
Is it possible to dilute the blue dye in bottle 2 to yield a brighter purple?
Or would you recommend that I swap the colors, and use red candy coloring and blue food dye so that I can dilute the blue and make it lighter.
Perihan Osama
what is the kind of the food coloring? and is the wilton's candy coloring that is online on egypt
Thabo Direko
good day.what can i use to color cooking oil for body oil
Thanks for sharing. Good ideas.
vad vol
hope those are plastic bottles!
Tina Hamby
I used one that used corn syrup and mineral oil. I had a lot of trouble coloring my oil. Is the gel you used different than gel food color in a tube?
Nunya Biznis
I wonder if the candy coloring you used to dye the oil would work with cooking oils like vegetable oil or Canola oil? Do you know?
SriMan Kutty
Can we add any other for food colour???
Shubhanshi Arts & Crafts - By Neha
Thanks a lot for sharing..Have a wonderful day!
Tazeen Al Shifa
What kind of colour did you add for oil ? I mean any food colouring ?
Catherine Thorpe
Hi, we tried Wilton's icing colors and that didn't work -- the colors stayed mixed in the water, so when the oil separated it was colorless/clear. What is the candy gel coloring ingredient that helps it bind with the oil?
Gabe comeau
i didnt work
priyanka goyal
Jade Mckenzie
What could I use instead of candy colouring?
Naveed Naveed
Use colour name first and last
The Video Gamer Girl
Awesome but where did you get the bottles from?
hue Nguyen
We can yse oil for baby oil
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How to make a Rainbow Sensory Bottle How to Make Sensory Bottles for Kids! 2 days ago   03:44

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