Which Countries Run On 100% Renewable Can We Terraform the Sahara to Stop Climate 9 months ago   04:15

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What Countries Are The Most Energy Efficient https://ufl.ae/videow/ojaj2OnWek4
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While many countries struggle to transition to renewable energy, some have made the leap. So which countries use only renewable energy?

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Vox: Costa Rica Has Gone 76 Straight Days Using 100% Renewable Electricity

The Guardian: Iceland's Energy Answer Comes Naturally

Stanford News: The World Can Be Powered By Alternative Energy, Using Today's Technology, In 20-40 Years Says Stanford Researcher Mark Z. Jacobson

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Written by: Jules Suzdaltsev
Edited by: Alex Estevez
Produced by: Cailyn Bradley, Semany Gashaw & Lauren Ellis

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Wow. This video was the single most useless video in the world. It's designed to promote wind and solar, but spent the entire video talking about hydro and geothermal.
If anything this vid showed it's impossible to run solely off wind and solar, because no country has managed to do so.
Martin Pieterse
Shouldn't the metric be which countries emit the least CO2? Germany and Australia are no where near the top.
Akil liyanage
most countries could like australia can use the outback where no one lives to power most homes thx to the out back getting alot of sun
The Best Motor Oil
This is amazing stuff. I love renewable energy.
david scott
All of with have no industrial base.
noah lamoureaux
They forgot Norway!🇳🇴
Chocolate Lion
i already knew iceland did run on 100% renewable energy because i from there and yeah we barely have any factories here.
David G
I came across some videos on a hydrogen based breakthrough energy technology by the energy company H2IL I believe some multi-billionaire needs to snatch it up and solve EVERY countries energy issues. It's a must-see. Game changing but it looks legit.
beki tube
Proud of my albania ❤
Utkarsh Anand
Not every country has the same availability of resources. The population and energy requirements are also different. So, it’s important that you carefully transition by taking calculated risks, otherwise you’ll end up like Australia.
the patriot
The biggest problem is increasing muslim population in world, you can relate it with any present problem existing in world today
"Not as achievable..." What? Regulation is literally only barrier keeping the U.S. from being 100% renewable.
Ibrahim Salaria
I was expecting Bhutan to be in the list for sure.
After all, they are the only country to have renewable energy as their main export and are a carbon *sink* not neutral country.
Bob Segar
Nepal has population of 28 million and almost all of it's electricity requirement is met by hydropower.
dark NeoN
Sufiyan Memon
It won't happen, reason: *PETRODOLLAR*
Nannette Battista
With plans from Avasva you can make it really easy.
Mikael Orre Rye
Norway?? We have 98% renewable electricity!!
Данил Данил
Laura is so beautiful.
Word Wordsworth
Hydro turbine geothermal Costa Rica Guanacaste dedicated $1bln
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Can We Terraform the Sahara to Stop Climate Which Countries Run On 100% Renewable 9 months ago   12:48

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