Tucker Carlson Defends Assange. Why Assange’s Arrest Is A Huge Moment 2 days ago   19:32

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kelley Rogers
I love Julian! My hero!
Alex T
Tucker is one of the few honest commentators left, whatever you think of his politics. Why is he 'allowed'? He is simply courageous and honest, as you stated.
Alexandra Levitskaya
I do love you Tucker Carlson for being such a brave & honest person. Thank you.
April A
Invite Tucker on your show! 👍🏼
I like Fox news. It is WAY easier to spot their BS and sometimes they have interesting spin on things like in this case. CNN's BS irritates me. FOX news' BS looks silly and funny to watch.
Kevin King
Can't stand Bill M
Ricci Longo
Attaboy Jimmy
Tucker is way less stupid than people think.
welcome to the other side - maybe, all the stuff we've been saying about them being liars about everything, because the SWAMP is deep.
No matter who who you work for, if you want to know what the government is doing, revealing the deep state and the ties and workings of the permanent state. The workings of the intelligence network and the connections to polititians, wealthy donors and mass media.

WE NEED TO PROTECT FREE SPEECH, that is what Assange is doing. PUBLISHING, and revealing the crimes of not just US government but other governments as well. That is pretty much why he is hated by powerful people all over the world.
Matt Burrows
Jimmy dore, get off the internet you lefty twat , tucker dumb? Why? Coz he's not a lefty idiot , fuck off twat
Matt Burrows
Why wouldn't he defend him , this channels gross, left wing twat ,
Sam Mullins
Why don't they ever say Jill-Stein's compatibilities with voter-information will officially promote Whistle-blowers!!!!! Why don't any of them having opinions about AND and and about Jill-Stein's promotion of democratizing Capitalism's business in honorable honesty for eventually displacing unions forever ???? Why don't any of them including yourself expose voter-pertinent informations???
Pop Tea
Tucker's not dumb! He's right on to it! Not bought and NOT a mouthpiece!
Mo Rahim
That’s unreal, some powers behind this... respect Jimmy🙏
Gerry Fernandez
Don't know who this guy "Jimmy" is but I do know Tucker. I won"t be back.
Magus Trigger
Jimmy stop talking shit about tucker he's an honest dude even if you disagree with his politics
He's nailing it because it plays well against the Mueller investigation and paints Hillary in a bad light. Tucker is not a dummy, but that doesn't mean he's a truth teller, his deal now is constructing a perfect narrative that paints right-wing populism as the solution and everything left of center is the "evil elites". Nevermind that Trump is the president now and it's under him that Chelsea Manning and Assange are being persecuted. Democrat politicians hate Assange and wikileaks for what they've done, but Republicans do too. The documents he's revealed expose the crimes of the USA imperialism and as you know this is a bipartisan project.
dylan hutchinson
Thank you
chris messina
Spreading a false narrative! That’s not journalism! It’s fake news and should be labels as such ! And that eye sells you out
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Why Assange’s Arrest Is A Huge Moment Tucker Carlson Defends Assange. 2 days ago   13:31

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Mimi Rocah, New York Times Washington Correspondent Charlie Savage and former FBI Executive Assistant Director Bob Anderson join MTP Daily to discuss Julian Assange’s arrest and its connection to the Mueller investigation.
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Why Assange’s Arrest Is A Huge Moment In The Russia Investigation | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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